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Whatever's cool with me...

Monday, September 27, 2010

Pursuit of COBRA Wave 2 Jungle-Viper Review

Whoah! It's been quite a while and The Rebel is STILL in his festive/holiday mood....LOL! It's up to the_ridz to spice things up a little bit by breathing life into an otherwise mundane period of non-blogging activity here at The Rebel Page! Join him as he delicately reviews the excellent Jungle Viper action figure from the GI Joe: Pursuit of Cobra line....

For better or for worse, the glut of GI Joe Pursuit of COBRA (“POC”) toy reviews looks set to continue here on The Rebel Page with the arrival of the new Wave 2 which only recently hit our shores! Again, these case-fresh figures are some of the best to be released by Hasbro under their GI Joe banner, and it is due to this fact that both The Rebel & myself simply cannot ignore reviewing some of the key releases from this line (Hang in there you Star Wars fans!). They are just that darn good! So to kick off the Wave 2 reviews, we’ll begin at the top of the pile with an unlikely figure which I am sure will be very highly sought after once this wave hits the retail mass market (and one which I have been anticipating since its announcement!) – The COBRA Jungle-Viper!!


For those of you who have been reading my reviews of these oh-so-excellent POC figures, you will by now know that the packaging/blister cards of these POC figures are some of the best in Joe toy history. It comes in an extra-thick and rather glossy card stock, and feels very sturdy in one’s hands. It looks excellent when displayed upright and shows the figure & all its accessories very clearly. Mint-on-card collectors will absolutely love this fact!

The layout is similar to all the previous POC figures, and it comes with your standard ‘clip & connect’ character I.D. card at the back of the card, this time detailing pertinent information about this jungle-based COBRA trooper. In short, it’s the same winning sleek and sexy combo we have come to expect (and love) from the POC line’s packaging, and long may it continue!

Score: 5/5


Now for the important bit - the figure itself! From the get-go, I’m sure you will notice that this isn’t your everyday action figure. I mean, just look at it! Have you seen a single action figure that’s so elaborately decked out to achieve its intended purpose? For the un-initiated, the Jungle-Viper (“JV”) is COBRA’s elite resident jungle sniper, and as all of us know, the first thing they teach you at Sniper School is the art of effective concealment. The JV here clearly didn’t skip that lesson!

First, the figure. The JV is once again a detailed and very well-sculpted member of the POC roster. He comes in an all-black body-suit which is complemented by a belt/body-harness, arm guards and knee pads which are all moulded in deep green plastic/rubber. There are also two working holsters for the JV to insert his pistols in! As you can see right of the bat, his arm guards have an extended ball-joint attachment and there is a hole on his back – all of these intended for when he’s fully decked out in his camo ghillie suit (we’ll get to that later). The paint work on this figure is tight & sharp, with no major paint-bleeds on the figure. There is also weathering, most notably on the figure’s green coloured components which add realism to this Viper.

The figure as a whole is well sculpted and very detailed, once again keeping the standard of these POC figures top-notch (I simply cannot over-emphasise that these are some of the best Joe figures released by Hasbro to date!). Every groove, crease line, pocket and belt strap on the JV’s suit is very sharply detailed. As can be expected from all Joe figures, the JV is also well executed articulation-wise, with articulation points at the neck, shoulder joints, fore-arms, wrists (which in this case can also swivel left & right!), waist, legs, knees and heel joints.

One small thing to note here though is that due to the fact that the body harness is attached to the character’s belt, it does somewhat restrict the body movements of the figure, especially if you want to swivel his waist to the extreme right or left. However, this can easily be remedied by removing the top part of the harness hooked to the figure’s shoulder, which will then free his restricted range of waist motion. Once he is fully decked out in his camo ghillie suit, the removal of the shoulder harness goes unnoticed. A very minor gripe, which is necessary to achieve the overall look of the figure.

Score: 4.5/5


The strength of this figure, its accessories alone is worth the figure’s admission fee. Like all previous POC figures, JV here comes loaded with accessories which I’m sure will get even the most ardent collector happy (Keep this winning formula going Hasbro!!). However, as compared to the other POC figures, the JV comes with a majority of figure-specific accessories, thanks in part to the many components of his camo ghillie suit (6 components in all!)! His other accessories include his huge-a$$ Skulker-JS High-Powered Marksman Rifle (which comes in 4 attachable/detachable components!), his removable infra-red telescopic visor, two side arms which can be inserted into his hip and leg holsters, the harness apparatus to attach all of the camo components, as well as his customary figure stand (That’s 15 components in all, thank you very much!).

The camo ghillie suit is what makes this figure. The camo suit comes in 7 separate components and can be connected to the included back-harness attachment, as well as his fore-arms, via articulated ball-joints. This design is genius in its simplicity and execution, which allows you to pose many JVs in various positions, making this an excellent army-builder unit. All of the components’ ball joints pop in nicely and holds firm once in place. And once you’ve attached the visor to his head, as well as the completed camo harness to the back of this figure, you will have before you one of the coolest-looking COBRA Vipers ever!

The JV can be displayed in a variety of positions, be it standing, crouching, kneeling or laying on his belly for that crucial kill-shot. Add to that the fact that his ginormous sniper rifle also comes with a stand and you’re ready to send the JV out on his first hunting mission! The camo ghillie components are very well done. Coloured a deep green, they have also been weathered and once JV here is in his green cocoon, display him in any jungle setting and he will absolutely blend into his surroundings, ready to land his first unsuspecting victim! In short, you will have tons of fun with this single figure!

Score: 5/5


Even with the likes of a new Zartan & the rare Recondo in this wave, I can confidently say that THIS is the gem of POC’s Wave 2! I mean, have you seen a cooler concept for a Joe figure in recent times? Everything is very well executed and what has been clearly well thought out during the figure’s planning stages has been successfully transferred into plastic. The concept simply works, and oh, how cool does this figure look once he is fully decked out in his camo ghille suit! This figure is absolutely tons of fun and the fact that he is an evil sniper trooper simply adds to the overall feel of the figure.

The good news for collectors is that JV here is packed 2-per-case in the new POV 2nd wave, so he should be reasonably easier to find. But don’t you dare rest on your laurels if you intend on owning him, as I am very certain that most collectors and fan-boys alike will swoop for him once this bad-boy lands on store pegs. All in all, another winning POC figure by Hasbro which will no doubt add variety to your ever expanding Joe collection, as well as strengthen your legion of devout COBRA initiates. I can already hear members of the Joe Jungle Assault Team trembling in fear!

Overall Score: 4.5/5

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cowboy75 said...

nice score u have here!!

Asrul "iLham" Sany said...

gempak siot sayap die.
super toy. ;-)P

saruman said...

I have to say this GI JOE figure is superb! I'll buy 1 if I meet 1!

Armand said...

I'll probably buy this one just for the ghillie suit. DIY Archangel wings :P

the_ridz said...

Thanks guys! This is really one cool toy! If u guys see 'em, just grab 'em. He should be available at retail now. All the best! :)

terror_drome said...

He's pretty hard to find isn't he? I haven't seen him at all anywhere in KL....probably scalpers have beaten me to them! LOL...

the_ridz said...

terror_drome: As far as I'm aware wave 2 of the POC has yet to reach mass retail market in KL, only at some specialty toy stores. So the scalpers have yet to beat u to them! Hehe.. So ur best bet is to try those stores first. Good luck!

Kin said...

Hi Mr.Rebel,

I always fascinated by the figure & advance weapon from G.I.Joe especially the Cobra team even since i'm still in primary school.

"Marvelous jungle viper figure".



The Rebel said...

Thanks for dropping by Kin! All of the awesome GI Joe figure reviews on The Rebel Page is handled by my man the_ridz here...please feel free to drop any questions/inquiries about the world of GI Joe/Cobra...he'll be glad to answer them for you.. =)