Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Pop Culture League Challenge: Are You Scared?

To the question posed by Commander Brian from Cool and Collected ....I'd say that YES I am constantly scared.

Being scared is a normal feeling for us homo sapiens and I can't fathom anybody without any fear whatsoever. Unless you're a demi god or something.

As clichè as these may sound (and I do believe many would share the same) these are:

1 - Heights.....you can discount me from being involved in any wall-scaling/ledge-standing superhero action...

2- The deep sea/lake/rivers - Dark, mysterious and murky waters creeps the heck outta me....

Now how about a bad case of irrational fear? Just to add to the above, I also subconciously have trypophobia because thinking about a cluster of small holes makes me have severe goosebumps and the hair at the back of my neck to stand up. Not gonna deliberate any further on this because merely thinking about it....ya' know...

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  1. Huh. Now, I'm wondering if I have any fears that I'm not aware of having. I didn't know trypophobia was even thing. thanks. ;)