Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Monday, October 5, 2015

DC's Darkseid...


I don't have many DC action figures apart from my Alex Ross' 'Justice' line of figures. I've even mistaken this Darkseid figure to be from the DC Universe Classics line. That Darkseid was a 'Connect & Collect' figure (akin to Marvel's Build-A-Figure aka BAFs) while this one was from the Superman 'SuperHeroes' line I think. Actually this one belongs to my son who happens to be a bigger DC nut than I am.


Interesting to know that Darkseid is DC's answer to Marvel's Thanos. I think they've even crossed paths before in some weird DC/Marvel mash-up comic i.e. cross-over issues. He's a great lookin' figure though I personally think Thanos would kick his grey a** anytime of the day. He turned out pretty menacing in these pictures too.


Friday, October 2, 2015

MOTU Classics most wanted...are they REALLY worth it?

MOTU Classics most wanted...

Pic: The top most valued Masters of the Universe (MOTU Classics or MOTUCs) according to the polls held in most He-Man collector forums.

I was inspired to write this piece after I saw how a MOTU Classics collector paid almost USD200 for Shadow Weaver over eBay (yea, that floating witch-chick from She-Ra). In today's turbulent economic conditions it simply means that a Malaysian collector (like your truly) would have to fork out an astonishing RM860 (using 4.30 as the Ringgit to US Dollar conversion point) to get the figure into our collection. Just like what the American paratroopers had said to the Germans at Bastogne in 1944, I think it's just simply 'Nuts'!!! You can already get a brand new Hot Toys 1/6 figure with that kind of price!!!

I consider myself a hard-core MOTUC collector although I tend to skip the non-essentials and concentrate on the core line-up (definition of core and must-haves might defer from one collector to another ya know) but somehow I found myself with a little over a hundred of the figures. Please don't do the math. It's gonna balloon up to one nice sum that's gonna make me squeal both in delight/horror.

But the point is, I bought every each of these MOTUC figures at retail price. Well, more like the actual ridiculous online price set by Matty plus the even more ridiculous shipping charges. And even back then I was not oblivious that we were obviously overcharged by Matty (yay capitalism!!) But we jumped in anyway.

I am clearly aware that not everybody was priviliged to get the figures that they wanted at the point of release. Some might even resorted into buying from a reseller since they don't wanna go through the hassle of transacting through their credit cards online. Whatever the reasons may be, a lot of collectors bought from resellers thus their chances of getting every single one of their desired MOTUCs remains in the balance. 

MOTU (let alone MOTU Classics) might not be the 'bee's-knees' in a couple of years' time and the generation who originally adored the Filmation cartoon series might eventually fade away. Therefore it is important for us to pass this knowledge of the MOTUC lore to young ones. I know my better half and I are doing our part. Our son now loves watching the He-Man and She-Ra series on DVD while holding on to his favorite MOTUCs on hand (although he prefers them baddies than those no good goody two shoe good guys!).

Where am I heading with all these arguments you asked? My point is exactly this: MOTUC is catered for the close knit collector community. As a community we are obliged to help each other out and that includes finding the desired action figures for those who really need it. Scalping should be a no-no. Sadly there are people out there who are not even collectors of MOTUC but jumping in the bandwagon to take opportunity of marking up the prices at the expense of true collectors. And because of the imbalance in supply-demand plus Matty's stupid decision to offer 'subscription only' figures, we are at what we are right now. Don't believe me? Try going on eBay and you will see what I mean.

The 7 or 8 MOTUC figures in the picture above are those which some collectors are willing to crazily splash their hard earned moolah for. I now know that Shadow Weaver can fetch as high as USD200 and possibly some of the figures will eventually breach that mark sometime soon. Sure, Matty's gonna give us the Filmation line next year but not all of the 'mini-comic' characters appeared in the cartoon series. They even look different than their on-screen counterparts.
Which makes them even more valuable soon. 

So what do you guys think....should we succumb to the secondary market i.e. ballooned up prices for our MOTUCs? Or do we simply resign to the sad pathetic fact that some of us might never get to complete our collection? Are you willing to give an arm or a leg just to fill that hole in your collection?

Thursday, October 1, 2015

The next Generation of MOTU fans!

My 7-year old son #ilhanology is head over heels over #mastersoftheuniverse these days. Here are his sketches of #heman and #trapjaw today  #motu #shera #eternia #etheria #castlegrayskull #skeletor #filmation #mattel

The Masters of the Universe (MOTU) aka the 'He-Man & gang' cartoon series was one of the defining pop culture elements for the younger me way back in the 80s. What started out as an affection for the Filmation cartoon series quickly turned into an obsession for the action figure line (I'm pretty sure Mattel intended it to be so....those smart bastiches!). 

The MOTU action figures of yore were good for the time but fast forward 30 years later, the same kids who grew up watching the cartoon aka the current 'adult collectors', now demand a much better sculpted and articulated versions of their favorite heroes/villains. I thank the Maker that I was lucky enough to have been there at the very beginning of the MOTU Classics line back in '08. I have now not only been able to buy back the modern/updated characters that I had back then, but it had given me the chance to actually pick and choose whoever I want from the whole 80s  catalogue. Sweet!

When my wife and a I started introducing the MOTU Classics figures to our son, he wasn't all that excited...*ok, a bunch of dudes in loin cloths...meh*. Now the little man is always the first to suggest popping in the He-Man/She-Ra DVDs whenever there's free time. Admittedly, he is as giddy as how our generation were back the glorious 80s. My MOTUC are now among his favorite action figures! 

The He-Man and Trapjaw sketches you see above were sketched by memory since they're clearly among his favorite Masters. Trapjaw is now  placed proudly at the entrance to his room while He-Man sits pretty in his home-made frame.. The little man even know that ol' metal jaw's real name is Kronis (man, some fans really read the bio cards)! Now how about that? The next generation of MOTU fan well on the way!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Marvel Legends Hulkbuster Build-A-Figure with custom paint!

Hulkbuster with custom paint

Got really inspired to custom paint my Marvel Legends Hulkbuster Build-A-Figure (BAF) a couple of days ago after seeing some of the collectors/customizers doing so onto theirs. What Hasbro gave us was basically a hunk of plasticky-looking (otherwise greatly sculpted) action figure. To do this figure justice, you kinda have to apply the paint that he truly deserved. Just take a look at the comparison picture below, do you see how he looks like before AND after?

Ok, for those who had sent me messages on my fb and flickr page on the type of paint used to custom paint the sucka'....I basically used a combination of Citadel and Tamiya acrylic paints. To get the metallic red effect, I first used chrome silver as the undercoat and later clear red over it. Hope this little pointer helps guys!

I wish I have the time to accept the requests being put forward by some of my ML collector buddies for me to repaint theirs. Money ain't the issue here (of course I'm asking for some for my painting skills...hahaha) but time isn't just on my side these days.

#marvellegends #hulkbuster #buildafigure #baf #custom #paint #citadelpaints #tamiyapaint #geekyactivity

Happy Batman Day 2015!

Bat fanarts acquired on Batman Day!

Ok, I've probably read most of the essential Bat TPBs and comics by now and I do have a considerable Batman (and its related characters) action figure collection but this is the first time I'm hearing about 'Batman Day'. When we were first invited to an event to commemorate the day over at a local comic store, I quickly did a search over google...LOL.

Of course, my wife, son and I didn't leave empty handed. Local artists did some very nice fan art and we snagged ourselves a few. Yes, a few. My son and I ended up with portraits of Bane and Keaton Bats (above) while my wife took home 3 excellent A3 sized potraits of the villainesses below.

Not bad huh? I now wonder if there is a Superman Day...or Spiderman Day?

Superb Batman villainess fanart by @kitdzakuro....me missus bought all of 'em on this auspicious Batman Day!

Hotel Transylvania 2 was funny!!!

Hotel Transylvania 2 was funnier than its predecessor. Period. If you don't believe me, go and watch it right now! Haters will stay haters (I don't know what they have against Sandler & co.) but to h*** with the just go and enjoy the comedy!

Oh yeah, Mel Brooks is also in it. What reasons more do you need?

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

'Armor Up' Star Wars action figures....

Armor Up Kylo Ren

Armor Up Boba Fett

A lot of criticisms have been thrown towards the 'new' 5-point of articulations action figures produced by Hasbro lately. I mean, why would they diss hundreds of thousands of collectors worldwide by reverting back to the POA of yesteryear i.e. circa 1977? You already have the superbly articulated Black Series line so why the step back? They insisted that the 5-POAs were aimed at children and that adult collectors should go for the Black Series instead. Whatever it is, I think that the 5-POAs are a great nod to the original retro figures and some say that they go hand-in-hand with the current ReAction 5-POA action figures.

Whatever your take on these (very) basic action figures, I gotta admit that look cool anyway with their superb sculpt and above average paint job. The single carded 'The Force Awakens' figures were practically swiped clean here in Malaysia during Force Friday thus many had to resort into buying the deluxe or 'Armor Up' versions instead. They are ridiculously priced and it is unacceptable for Hasbro to mark up the price just because the figures came with a non-movie backpack accessory as the pack-in. Whatever.

If I can draw one positive from the marked up deluxe figures is that I totally dig the packaging art of the deluxe figures (always in for handpainted character images). 5-POA Boba Fett and Kylo Ren here are both for my son but that ain't gonna stop me from borrowing them for future photo shoots right? Hehe....

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Bitten? Government? Outbreak? Holy ****!!!

When the newspaper headline has the words #bitten #government and #outbreak in the same sentence, you know you're in for a ride....*shudder* <insert theme for #amc #thewalkingdead tv series> #robertkirkman #imagecomics #walkers #biters #zword #zombie

When the newspaper headline has the words #bitten #government and #outbreak in the same sentence, you know you're in for a ride....*shudder* #robertkirkman #imagecomics #walkers #biters #zword #zombie

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Whole lotta Bats!

Me humble Bats collection thus far....

Me humble Bats collection thus far...

There's just something about Batman that has always intrigued me. A) He is technically the only member of the 'original 7' JLA line-up that does not have any real superpowers. B) He relies solely on his smart/witty detective skills and his pure muscle to defeat them bad guys C) He CAN kick Superman's butt! If these ain't enough reasons for you to adore the man then nothing will.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

How was your Force Friday?

If you've been on planet Earth five days ago, chances are you would have noticed the global phenomenon known as 'Force Friday' that took place simultenously at the stroke of midnight on Sept 4 (Friday). It was a full-frontal assault marketing strategy by Disney to push all of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens products to the forefront of consumer retail shelves. And by Lucas' beard it worked!

Strangely enough, a single TRU was (still) chosen to be the only venue for Force Friday in Malaysia. I remembered attending both product launch for Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith and even back then collectors had already commented that perhaps in the future (it was a fool's hope back then to see another Star Wars movie being released in our lifetime, really) multiple venues is a better option than cramping everyone in a single TRU store.
Guess that suggestion has still not being taken seriously eh?

Honestly I didn't really expect to pick anything up during the event. I think I wasn't exaggerating earlier in the day that I might skip the event altogether because I simply do not have the will to slog it out with scalpers to get what I want. Yes, I had that moment of hesitation. I almost did not go to Force Friday (shame on me!)

Anyway I was pretty adamant to get only the 6" Black Series TFA figures. Words have travelled many months ago that the 3.75" TFA action figures were all gonna be 5-POA so it was an easy pass for me ( I later read somewhere that Hasbro's gonna produce >20-POA 3.75" TFA Black Series action figures but that's another story). I've also read horrendous reviews on the disproportioned Poe Dameron X-wing toy and if you google it up today, you will get heap loads of negativity on the toy...so not worth the USD50 price tag.

So alright...only 6" Black Series action figure for me. It couldn't be that hard to snag these right? When everyone's really drawn to the cheaper 5-POA figures and THAT X-wing....

The long queue at my local #tru at midnight yesterday. All for the love of The Force Awakens merchandises. #starwars #forcefriday #geeksdotheunthinkable

Inevitably those at the very front of the queue line (I don't know if any other TRUs made their customers to line up for Force Friday like the Malaysian TRU did) got first dibs. I even saw a few familiar 'scalper' faces merrily prancing along the queue line parading their 4 or 5 units of the 6" First Order Stormtroopers to the helpless crowd who has yet to even breach the halfway mark of the queue line.

Ok. Getting the 6"Stormies was not gonna be easy. Check. I later discovered that some eBay seller was already selling these Stormies for RM200 (or roughly USD46) the very next day...BOO!!!

I managed to enter TRU much later just in time to see the very last 3.75" being snagged out of the retail pegs. Ok I know I wasn't that keen but that Captain Phasma card art was to die for...LOL. 

There were many #starwars #theforceawakens merchandises on sale during #forcefriday at #tru last night. I try to steer clear from the abysmal 5-points of articulation action figures but there were a few vehicles that caught my attention. #geekshavethemost

Barring the scalpers aside, I think there was a great sense of camaraderie among the collector community. They were distributing the much demanded 6" Kylo Rens and Reys (yes, she was highly in demand too) to collectors who were too far back from the 'distribution point'. Obviously by the time this happened there were no 6" Stormies left so there were no feeling of dissent or greed involved...hahah. Great feeling nonetheless to see strangers happily helping one another with their desired collectibles.

I probably had a moment of thought (again) on the new Poe Dameron's X-wing. When I say new I meant a 'smaller' and 'cheapened' version of the X-wing. No thanks Hasbro. Until you come out with a better quality TFA X-wing ( a 3.75" scale Black Series version perhaps?) I'm totally not sold on this one. As for the rest of the vehicles, there were a few standouts but I'm just not feeling it right now. So yeah.

My loot from Force Friday is as follows....

#starwars #forcefriday #haul complete with a complimentary #goodiebag which contains a slew of cool Star Wars stuff (Kylo Ren poster, #lego #stormtrooper #minifigure , a micro machine and even a t-shirt too!). I'm only interested to get the 6-inch figures
I snagged the 6" Black Series Finn, Rey and the must-have Kylo Ren. 12 hours later, appproximately 9 thousand miles away on the other side of the globe, a buddy of mine grabbed me 2 First Order Stormtroopers from his Force Friday...so beat that scalpers!!!

Love that TRU goodie bag. Again I do not know if these are standard all over the world or otherwise. We Malaysians got ourselves a Kylo Ren t-shirt, a 2016 TFA calendar, a Selangor Pewter Star Wars catalogue (I'm preet-ty sure this is only in Malaysia), a Lego Stormtrooper minifigure, a TRU exclusive Kylo Ren poster and a Rey's Speeder Micromachine.

I just wished Disney had restocks of the items on Force Friday. I know of many collectors who ended up with nothing despite braving the long queue line. Heard many collectors having the same problems woldwide simply because they were not enough stock to begin with in the first place. Personally I am gutted that TRU Malaysia didn't have that remote controlled BB-8.

Ah well. Here's to a better Episode VIII midnight launch!

Update : 
Remember how I said I wasn't interested in getting anything else than the 6" figures? Well my inner evils got the best of me...hahah. I dropped by another TRU the next day and got myself the 3.75" scale Rey's Speeder.

Rey's Speeder (Jakku)

Somehow I know I'll regret not buying this when the movie comes out in December ( my better half also did an excellent job in driving home this point!). I wish I could say the same about the X-wing though (still not interested at that particular point of time though I heard it was already sold out everywhere). I might just come back for that cool looking Imperial Snowspeeder. Maybe.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Adam Sandler's PIXELS...

Even before I watched this flick, there were already cat-calls from some quarters that Pixels was gonna be another clichè Adam Sandler no-brainer comedy movie. True to some extent but one should never be so fast in dropping the judgment hammer down before you actually watch the film. The same happened when Grown Ups 2 came out. GR:2 was a box-office success despite many labelling it as 'just another Sandler goofball flick'. 

A good comedy movie will be a good comedy movie. That is all to that right? My family and I had a good laugh watching this one. Coupled by the fact that my wife and I actually went through the heydays of arcade games, so it all made perfect sense. Even our young son grew even fonder of the classic retro games after watching this movie. Oh and the movie opens and closes with Cheap Trick's ' Surrender', another favourite 70s tune of mine....so what's to hate about the movie.

I love Peter Dinklage's character Fire Blaster. There were a few brilliant funny lines that came out of the man and I didn't think it would've sounded as funny if some other actor have said it instead ("I want a card that says I saved the world and I don't want to pay anymore sales tax..." haha brilliant!).

Kevin James was being himself as usual and I think I kinda get the recurring use of the name Lamonsoff in Sandler's movies (although it's not James' character name this time around). I also dig Dan Ackroyd's cameo in the beginning of the movie though I secretly wished he had played more role when I first saw his character.

In short, Pixels is a stoner comedy that just runs silly for an hour and a half or so. Don't get your expectations too high but as clichè as it may be, get ready to laugh your socks off!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Ant-Man was fun!

Ant-Man was fun!

First of all I'd like to warn any Nolan-ites to refrain thyselves from posting any unwanted comments here. No matter what they would say, Ant-Man was super fun to watch! The Marvel Cinematic universe will always stay true to its comic form and by adding the usual zest of humor you'd get a perfect blend of a Marvel super hero movie. Ant-Man is no exception. Loved every minute of it!

Paul Rudd was excellent as Scott Lang and I was equally impressed with Michael Douglas as Hank Pym. The supporting casts  were impressive too. In my opinion, that Darren Cross/Yellowjacket character is a dead ringer for the Obadiah Stane/Iron Monger character from the 1st Iron Man movie. 

And how about that...an Avenger actually made an appearance in this movie!

Stan the Man made his cameo at the very end of the movie so for those who expected him to come out much earlier will be disappointed. What I love most about Marvel's cinematic movies however are the mid-credit/post-credit scenes which told us how the next Marvel movies i.e. Avengers 3 & Captain America: Civil War are gonna be. Make sure you watch the movie until the very end of the credits.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Create your own Comic Book Hero kit!

Meet #captainspinner ...conjured from the depths of my son's figment of imagination!  #createyourowncomicbookhero

Meet Captain Spinner ...conjured from the depths of my son's figment of imagination! Every geek parent should try to do this at least once with their kids. Creating & painting the figure was great but hearing my son's detailed backstory of the character (with a hint of his favorite Egyptian folklore thrown in) was the bomb!

Cool thing is the base figures (there are 3 of 'em) and the corresponding headsculpts (also 3 of 'em) are retro-lookin' one might even theorized that they must've came from the 70s!

A geek's ultimate way to spend the weekend....creating/customizing your own #actionfigures !!! #ilhanology #geeky #geekshavethemostfun #boringpeoplepleasereserveyourcomments

This 'Create Your Own Comic Book Hero' kit was produced by Emce Toys (word is that this company was set up by the same guys who founded the Mego action figure company). I've only bought only one of their products before but I think they doing pretty ok for an 'under the radar' company. I've also came across some other products by Emce Toys (most of them were zombie-related and a few other cool lookin' retro stuff) and they do not disappoint. I love these random materials of retro geekery!

I highly recommend this set for those yearning for a good 'ol weekend activity fun!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Hot Toys MMS203 Robocop....

Hot Toys MMS203 - Robocop with Mechanical Chair (Docking Station)

Who on earth does not love the '87 Robocop flick? Personally I was hoping to see the 'un-helmeted' Robocop with the exposed Alex Murphy head but I guess HT's gonna milk the character further (that one's coming in the 2nd release sometime in Q3 this year. Until then, here are some of my shots taken off the MMS203 version.

Hot Toys MMS203 - Robocop with Mechanical Chair (Docking Station)

Hot Toys MMS203 - Robocop with Mechanical Chair (Docking Station)

Hot Toys MMS203 - Robocop with Mechanical Chair (Docking Station)

Hot Toys MMS203 - Robocop with Mechanical Chair (Docking Station)

Hot Toys MMS203 - Robocop with Mechanical Chair (Docking Station)

Hot Toys MMS203 - Robocop with Mechanical Chair (Docking Station)

Hot Toys MMS203 - Robocop with Mechanical Chair (Docking Station)

Friday, July 3, 2015

Terminator: Genisys is a hit in my books!

A lot of peopIe will have a lot of things to say about this latest Terminator flick. I couldn't be bothered though, as I think the movie kicked a**! Whatever bad taste in our mouths that we had as a result of being forced to watch Terminator 3 and Terminator Salvation is now all gone! Even my son loved every second of it thanks to the excellent portrayal of our favorite T-800 by the Guv'nor.

First of all I loved the concept of an 'altered' timeline ala Back to the Future's altered 1985. Instead of the scaredy-cat 1984 Sarah Connor, we now get to see a tough version of the character (thank you Daenerys...err..I mean Emilia Clarke) with a certain T-800 as her guardian angel. This also meant that instead of Robert Patrick we now get to see that dude who played Storm Shadow in the G.I.Joe movies as the T-1000 chasing the protagonists.

I love seeing multiple versions of Arnie's T-800 throughout the movie. The CGI team did a wonderful job in convincing us that we're seeing different versions of the character at different timelines. I love the fact that the altered timeline caused a T-800 to be sent to protect a very young Sarah Connor in 1973 and that he faithfully stuck with her throughout the movie. She even called him 'Pops'...awww.

This movie marks the first time that Kyle Reese' fate is actually known to us (the dude lives!). Inevitably we're also made to understand that there might not be any need for a 'John Connor' after all as our heroes had succeeded in preventing Judgement Day altogether. Frankly I was growing a bit weary about hearing on how everybody's scrambling to save John Connor so the Genisys plot was actually a breath of fresh air. Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese saving the day? A T-800 helps along the way and actually survivcd at the end of the movie? No problem.

I've always thought the ending of Terminator 3 was stupid so when I heard Sarah Connor mentioning that 'the future has not been written yet' I was relieved. I just hope that them producers will stop at the current storyline and not confuse us any further and distort the franchise like they did in the 3rd movie. But now we know that this is not gonna happen as at least two more sequels have been planned. (*Spoiler alert*.....the post-credit scene had more or less opened up the possibilities of the return of Skynet,,,,sheesh!).

Monday, June 15, 2015

I love Jurassic World!

Caught this one on the 1st day of release itself since my son was eager to catch his first ever cinematic 'Jurassic' experience. My wife and I told him how thrilling it was having watched the first 3 movies in the cinemas...something that every Jurassic-fan must experience at least once on their lifetime. So there we were on the opening day.

Now this movie takes me back to the good 'ol feeling of the 1st movie i.e. Jurassic Park in '93. It feels like a reboot (although it's not) because we finally get to see how a fully functional dinosaur theme park would be when opened to the public, something which John Hammond failed to realize all those years ago.

It's heartwarming to see a park full of visitors and that security is not compromised since there is no Dennis Nedry to bungle things up this time around ("Nah ahh ahhh, you didn't say the magic word!")....or so we thought.

Watching a movie from the 'Jurassic franchise will inevitably prompt you for one surety...that things are definitely gonna go wrong at some point of the movie.

Chris Pratt was awesome in his role and no matter how corny his 'alpha' male role was, I think it was a good plot altogether. Solid acting from the man who would most probably jump back straight into his Star Lord uniform for the filming of the second 'Guardians movie right after.

I love it that I finally got to see an aquatic dinosaur (although it's not my favourite plesiosaur!). The mosasaurus is one huge marine dino that'll make ol' Jaws cringe in terror (a great white shark is a mere snack for these mosas').

A hybrid dinosaur with the ability to trick humans? Sure, why not. But it's nice to see the T-Rex coming back on top of the dino kingdom after the Spinosaurus fiasco in movie #3.

In my opinion, the director could've really knocked the ball out of the park had he went ahead and gave cameos to both Dr Alan Grant and Dr Ian Malcolm (maybe riiiight at the end with their 'I-told-you-so' faces)...but that's just me.

I love this movie. A must watch for those craving for that good ol' popcorn fun of the first Dr Grant-led movie. And for the rest of you (I believe there would be first-timers too) just enjoy the sight of the dinos trampling/eating things all around. CGI is not half bad and the use of (although minimal) animatronics brings back that good old feeling of yesteryear's cinematic magic. 

Thursday, June 11, 2015

RIP Christopher Lee....

RIP christopher lee

Thank you for everything sir!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Star Wars 6" Black Series....a mere myth?

Star Wars Black Series 6" June '15 haul....

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that most of the Star Wars collector out there, be it in the States or even here in Asia, that it's gosh darn hard to find these 6" Star Wars Black Series figures on our retail shelves. Oh let me just re-phrase that....it's really hard because here in Malaysia, they technically DO NOT EXIST at all at retail. Yup, you heard that right. Good ol' Hasbro Malaysia decided that we Malaysian collectors were better off getting these ourselves through other mediums since TRU and the likes are busy promoting other stuff on their shelves.

I initially refused to believe that Hasbro are not putting these at retail but upon closer inspection of the packagings, I simply could not find any stickers that specify Hasbro Malaysia's import details and such. Thus it confirms my suspicions on the sneaky distribution strategies that has befallen us collectors. With that in mind, the best logical alternative is to hound your local specialty toy stores to find these babies....but with every single collectors looking for them, your chances thin out almost immediately.

There were 6 of 'em in a set but I chose to sell off the Clone Trooper Captain (#13) since I'm trying to keep to my principal of sticking to the original trilogy characters (okay okay I do have a Darth Maul on my display shelf but that's just because I really wanna get the Episode 1 Obi Wan & Qui Gon to go with him....haha).

Whatever it is, I'm still pissed off for not snagging Bossk (#10) when I saw him on my local eBay the other day. I blinked for a moment and he was gone...snapped by some other lucky Star Wars Black Series collector.

'Nuff said.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Combiner Wars' Motormaster!

Combiner Wars Motormaster

I'm still buzzing from the completion of my Combiner Wars (CW) Superion a couple of days ago. Inevitably my attention diverted towards securing the next 'central' figure for the next combiner 'bot i.e. Menasor! I previously bought Silverbolt first before the rest of his Aerialbots buddies. So naturally I had to hunt down Motormaster aka the 'middle body part' of Menasor first before getting any of his Stunticons team members into my collection. Motormaster is supposedly harder to find than Silverbolt (for some reasons I can't fathom) but as of yesterday I have been reading updates on the local TF fb page that he has been seen in some retail outlets, although in smaller quantities than Silverbolt. My better half got me one from a nearby retailer (the only one left on the pegs!) amongst a sea of Silverbolts. 

Combiner Wars Motormaster

He's a repaint of the recently released 'Prime from wave 1 of the CW series (I don't get the concept of making Prime as the 'central' figure of a combiner 'bot!). Usually I don't really fancy repaints but my insatiable urge to have Menasor to stand side by side with Superion quickly put that issue to rest. This Motormaster is however not the one we remembered from the 'Vector Sigma episodes. What I mean is that he doesn't exactly look like the one which appeared in the cartoon series. You see, the Decepticons hijacked a truck with a trailer attached to it but this version of  Motormaster is only a truck cab. Again I am not really complaining but just a mere grouse. It makes you wonder why Optimus Prime wasn't able to incorporate his trailer into his 'bot mode. Motormaster on the other hand....wait a minute, weren't his truck cab only his feet part? In terms of logical size comparison, this should mean that Prime only transforms to about the size of Motormaster's ankles! LOL. (whatever, scale matters not in the TF universe anyway as we all know). 

Combiner Wars Motormaster

Anyway, Motormaster deserves a blog post on his own as I think he is one of the most bad-a** Decepticons of them all. Sadly in toy form, most of these individual combiner 'bots will be displayed 'combined' by most collectors. Each and every of these Stunticons deserved to be displayed on their own (ok I don't have the whole team yet...but I've seen pictures damn it!) so it's shame that they won't get as much display time that they truly deserve. 

So here's till next time. Hopefully I can already get to assemble Menasor the next time I blog about Transformer toys! 

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Combiner Wars Aerialbots.....aaaand Superion!

#aerialbots #autobots #G1 #g1 #generation1 #cybertron #hasbro #keytovectorsigma #superion

I am rather slow in catching up with Hasbro's latest offering. Most of you have seen these on retail shelves by now, although I am beginning to see lesser and lesser of them Aerialbots in recent times. Not really surprising there as most people are already completing/have already completed the whole team and inevitably forming Superion. Heck, some have already completed the Stunticons and Menasor! I finally made time to take the 'planes out of their packagings today with the help of my son (who kept me sane through out the whole process by asking me questions of the origins of Transformers and such!).

One thing I can't fathom is how Hasbro made Slingshot (Quickslinger) and Brake Neck (from the Stunticons) online exclusives. I might have to search through amazon or whatever later but for now I'm contented to have Alpha Bravo as a stand in for Slingshot, although I'm pretty sure I wanna get Brake Neck later instead of that fugly Offroad. 

Anyway, seeing the Aerialbots standing together makes me wanna whip out my G1 DVD and watch the 'Key to Vector Sigma' episode. I might do that tomorrow when I come home from work...*shucks*. Good times.

#aerialbots #autobots #G1 #g1 #generation1 #cybertron #hasbro #keytovectorsigma #superion

Boy, one sure does get mesmerised once Superion is assembled! Hasbro has shown us that they can do a mean interpretation of the combiners! This, I dare to say it, can give the 3rd party TF toymakers a run for their money, although that 'Uranos - not Superion' combiner figure won over Hasbro's version in term of size. But hey, not everyone is keen to spend over USD300/400 for that 3rd party behemoth, so this is by far the most logical choice collectors have to get the Autobot combiner robot on their shelves. I'm so gonna get the Stunticons/Menasor next because I'm liking what I see so far. And when the Constructicons/Devastator comes our way in the near future....nuff said!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Action-figure display: Sixth scale living room showcase...

Current #sixthscale #display #shelf ..not much space to show 'em all at one go so they get displayed by rotation. Not that I have much in my collection anyway  #hottoys #sideshowcollectibles #starwars #avengers #marvel #dccomics #darthvader #indianajones

I don't have much sixth scale action figures these days. Sold a number of them over the past year but I kept those that I really really want because I know someday I'd be proudly displaying them in my living room and make my guests go ..."WHOAHHH!".

Actually my better half suggested me to put my (one and only thus far) Detolf glass cabinet in our living room because it can break the monotony of a common living room environment. I love the fact that I married an equally geeky individual so there was never any argument on where to showcase our favourite sixth scale collectibles.

I might rotate these with the ones I currently have on display in my man-cave. Ooops, did I say 'man-cave'? Pictures to come real soon...once I'm done arranging that is....heh.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

May the Fourth be with you!

May the Fourth be with you! #starwars #starwarsmalaysia #geekshavethemostfun #darthvader #onesixthscale

Saturday, May 2, 2015

A quick Mos Eisley Cantina Bar scene!

My dear boy wanted a quick #moseisley #cantina #bar #diorama for his #starwars action figures...and a quick one we built! Turned out pretty ok for cheap foamboards and a bunch of unused stationeries. #starwarsmalaysia #geekshavethemostfun #ilhanology

My dear boy wanted a quick #moseisley #cantina #bar #diorama for his #starwars action figures...and a quick one we built! Turned out pretty ok for cheap foamboards and a bunch of unused stationeries.
#starwarsmalaysia #geekshavethemostfun #ilhanology #geekprojects

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Avengers: Age of Ultron...

We South Asians were lucky enough to have caught this movie a week earlier than our buddies in the States. Therefore I shall caution my dear readers that I might be 'accidently' giving away some spoilers here although it is not my style to completely review a movie in detail. I'm just gonna talk briefly about the movie and if it really did meet my expectations.

So here we go....here are my brief thoughts on the movie:

1) I love it that Marvel expanded the team roster. Apart from the obvious Maximoff twins and the uber cool Vision, I was pleasantly surprised to see several other Avengers appearing at the end of the movie (one even joined in the climactic battle with Ultron and his baddies). 

2) That 'snow scene' at the very beginning and that battle scene in that cathedral in Sovokia harkens me back to the good old Millar-Hitch's The Ultimates comic pages. Those who have the epic Ultimates 'wide-screen' comic pages will know what I mean here. If you haven't then please do so already.

3) It was cool to find that Hawkeye ended up to be the focal point of the movie. Nice touch by Joss Whedon to give him a backstory.

4) Those who dissed the movie as boring clearly didn't understand the build up that Stan Lee wanted for his movies and the plans to eventually link up ALL of the Marvel movie-verse teams i.e. Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Inhumans etc. 

5) I truly love that banter between The Vision and Thor about the weight distribution of Mjolnir. This has got to be one of the most coolest scene from the movie.

6) Ultron turned out to be a 'gentleman-ly' villain and not the psychotic android we've come to know from the comic pages. He didn't turned out that bad either.

7) The decision to prematurely kill off one Avenger pisses me off. I thought he/she will at least make it to the next Avengers flick. They better introduce more members in Avengers 3...haha.

8) I think that the overall feel of the movie echoes perfectly to what The Ultimates intended to be for comic book readers. The dialogue was full of wit, humour and the movie didn't lose that comic book feel while trying to stay realistic at the same time.

9) I'm leaning more towards the Marvel camp myself but that's not gonna stop me from wanting to watch Batman vs Superman next year. DC is definitely trying to outdo Marvel but they have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to their team roster (I'm looking at you JLA and Suicide Squad!).

10) The mid-credit scene was short BUT meaningful. It kinda tells you where Marvel Studios are taking their movies and how they'll move forward towards a common goal. Very cool.