The Walking Dead: Season 2 premier!

Aptly called 'What Lies Ahead', the premier episode of The Walking Dead: Season 2 TV series kicked off last Sunday (in the 'States) with a record-shattering audience count.....7.3 million viewers! Come to think of it, I think it was only premiered in the US last Sunday, which means that the 7.3 million viewers were solely from North America alone! Well, thanks to high-speed broadband, we Malaysians got the chance to watch the new episode too, mere hours after our US buddies did. Honestly, I wasn't too keen to wait till Oct 23 to watch the episode over here on Malaysia's cable TV station, specifically because of the strict censorship policy imposed by the local censorship authority. What good would a zombie flick be without all the gory, squishy, blood splattering, brain-busting & gut spillin' action?

I love how the second season is beginning to shape up into the story-line akin to that of the comic. Absolutely no spoilers just gotta watch it for yourselves! Can't wait for episode 2 next Sunday!


John Sholtz said…
I agree. I love The Walking Dead series. Can't wait until Sunday.
Shaun said…
I agree completely, season 2 is starting off great, but they need to kill more zombies, although seeing them gut one was kind of interesting. I didn't get to watch the premiere until yesterday, between working nights at DISH and school during the day, I haven't had time to even look at my television. But I had some time in between classes yesterday, so I hopped onto DISH online to watch the premiere didn't think the second episode would be up but it had been released by AMC on Monday, so I got totally caught up, I would hand out some spoilers, but I saw no spoilers, so no spoilers it shall be.