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"Geeks rule!!!"
 I came across this piece of introductory article by Brian of Cool and Collected the other day and I thought it would be cool (pardon the pun Brian!) to replicate it for The Rebel Page today. This  might come as a bit of a surprise to many of you since a proper introduction should've been done 5 years ago when The Rebel Page first started. Nevertheless, this would be a good chance for yours truly to divulge bits and pieces of some of his well-kept secrets, inner thoughts, random irrational fears and whatnots.
So here we go....

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I'm in my thirties and my love for all things geek never cease to amaze many.
I don't really give a hoot about boring people who constantly condemn my love for action-figures and comics. They should get a hobby/life of their own.

I think people who chided my action-figure habit as being 'expensive' and 'wasteful' should really look at other people who collects vintage cars or wrist watches instead.

I work in a grueling corporate world and I plan to fully concentrate on updating The Rebel Page on a daily basis when I finally get to work flexible hours sometime in the near future.

When people ask me what my job is, I tell 'em that I'm a full time wannabe rock-star and a part-time corporate slave.

I'm not ashamed to declare that I need a fraction of my salary to fuel my geeky needs.

Having said that I still place a great deal of importance on my better half and kid. They mean the world to me and nothing will ever top that.

I have an equally geeky wife and my padawan/young apprentice son is catching up real fast with his dad/mum. 

I love my better half for accepting me for what I am. I feel sorry for those who have a hard time smuggling in their latest spoils of war (aka toys) through their 'customs officer' back at home.

Both my wife and I plan to travel to places which the both of us often talked about since we first met.

Yup, nothing beats the wonderful feeling of being a dad, especially if you have a younger 'clone' of yourself staring right back at 'ya every day to remind you of that fact.

I have a profound love for vintage/retro stuff particularly pop culture related items.

My favourite band ever is named after an insect.

My favourite guitarist is from a band who wears Kabuki make-up.

I think Marvel is better than DC...your mileage may vary.

I love Uncle George's 'far far away' space opera, especially the 'original trilogy' flicks. I have a fond memory of watching the '83 movie in the cinema with me late dad.

I personally feel that the Avengers' movie was miles better than all three (3) TDK movies combined. I don't need to see Nolan's Dark Knight movies just to experience 'realism'. My life is already real as it is.

I personally feel that the many wonderful and glorious cartoon series of the 80s will never ever be replaced in my lifetime.

I'd rather be labeled 'child-like' than 'child-ish' some so-called 'adults' I know of.

When something which is rightfully mine is taken away from me, I will fight back for it.

I'm of the opinion that treacherous traitors and backstabbers should not be allowed to come back into my circle nor be given any second chances. Yes, I am cold.

I believe that there's no place for racists and bigots in this world.

I think the people who dissed the announcement of Ben Affleck as Batman are the same people who dissed the announcement of Heath Ledger as the Joker several years back. Pay no attention to them.

And yeah....I truly feel sorry for Billy Ray Cyrus too.

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murali said…
Well said bro....
The Rebel said…
Thanks fr stopping by Murali.