Best Garage Sale Finds...

Garage sales at Kavin's @ 2 June 2012

This is a post in response to the challenge put up by Brian of the Cool and Collected page. I honestly can't recall every single garage/yard sale/flea market I've been to in recent times but I can however remember some of the most astonishing finds as a direct result of my persistent rummaging at those few occasions. Let it be known that price isn't the main factor when I considered these to be my top 3 finds. Well, perhaps items #1 were....LOL! Anyway, let's take a quick look into what I consider to be my greatest finds in recent times.

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The Big Bad Wolf Sale 2012

#1: Behold. I went a little bit overboard during last year's Big Bad Wolf book Sale in Dec '12. Big Bad Wolf is a discount store that sells books, magazines, comics, educational aids and other printed materials at massive discounts here in Malaysia. You just gotta see those to believe it. They have a physical store but it's really their crazy year-end clearance sale that's got everybody jumping off their seats. Honestly, I've only read about 70% of these since I got them. I've actually wanted about half of the titles you see in the picture above but at an average of just RM15 (USD5 bucks at the time) for each of them hardcover titles, it's just so darn hard to resist the rest. They're brand new at that too! This is one haul I'd likely will remember until the end of my geek life.

My only haul from Kavin's garage sale @ 2-3 June '12

#2: Score! Found these cool Star Wars items at a friend's garage sale over at his house last year. The picture at the very top of this post is taken off that said garage sale by the way. I've always wanted a Wampa for my Hoth display shelf but an updated version was never produced by Hasbro. I think the AOTC Wampa is as updated as you can get. You'd also get that cool ice base (you gotta get that AOTC Hoth Luke too if you wanna complete the diorama) for added display options. The Jesu....err...I mean Qui Gon plush toy was for my son. He's really intrigued as of how the mentor of Obi Wan and Batman is the one same person! So yeah, plush toy for the little man. What's more astonishing is that the deluxe Wampa and plush Qui Gon were only USD8 and USD3 respectively!

#3: Well, not really a garage/yard sale find, but I found this wallowing in the lower depths of a 'everything must go' discount bin of a specialty toy store some time back. I've always wanted that 'pull apart' Threepio but I wasn't able to find it anywhere during its original year of release. Lady luck's intervention meant that I was able to dip my hand into the discount bin on that fateful day and randomly pulled out this beauty of a 2-figure pack. You get 2-figures literally for the price of 1! For about 6 bucks equivalent, this was a steal and I remembered that this Chewie & the pull-apart Threepio stayed on my display shelf for quite some time.