Pet peeves....

This is a response to Cool and Collected's call to list down a list of pet peeves that we may have in our daily lives. For those uninitiated, no we're not talking about household pets nor that poltergeist character at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. We're talking about those minor annoyances or that feeling of resentment that we may have about things but to a greater degree than other people may find it. Ok, time to let some steam off for the day (it's lunchtime here at my side of the world)....

1) I'm irritated by the sound of badly-timed foot tapping. Yes, if you're really out of beat and just gotta do your tapping thing, make sure you carry a metronome.
2) I'm annoyed by people who speak loudly at work. Letting EVERY single person in the office know what you had for dinner last night isn't really my thing.
3) I know this one guy who constantly pulled his hair back during conversations....and he didn't even have any (left). Everybody notices. Not cool.
4) I'm really annoyed by people who proclaimed that they're 'toy-collectors' but ended up selling the stuff that they bought not even one-month ago for profits on eVilbay. Really, these schmucks exist.
5) Doncha' just hate it when someone utters “Whatever!” to something that he/she just doesn't understand/fail to comprehend?
6) What can be more stressful in the cinema than watching a movie with a person who insists on talking about it as the movie plays, and actually revealing what is about to come next? *bummer*
7) Untrained Baggers at retail stores. I get doubly annoyed when these 'creatures' bend/recklessly man-handle the action figure cards that you've just paid for at the checkout counters.
8) Mr/Ms Know-It-All. What is excruciatingly worse than people who say “I know” after you explain something. Especially when you KNOW there is no way in heck they can really know.