Pop Culture League: Top Ten…..

I missed last week’s PCL essay challenge due to some unforeseen circumstances. Fret not for I am returning to the league this week in response to the excellent topic given by CommanderBrian…..”Top Ten….”. While there were many possible lists that I can venture into, there was always this one list that constantly lingered in my mind for these past couple of months or so. Fittingly, the topic seemed to be my avenue to finally channel my thoughts for everyone to read and decipher.

My take on this week’s assignment would be…..

“Top Ten Pop Culture Predictions for 2016 – 2020”

There. It felt good to simply just blurt that out. Truthfully, many ideas and (somewhat) irrational thoughts came into my mind during the last couple of months and the owner of the Cool and Collected blog seemed to have somehow tapped into my brain and wanting me to get my thoughts out for everyone to ponder over.

My Nostradamus head gear is ready. Without further ado (puts both hands on crystal ball):

#1 - More and more classic Hollywood movies or TV series will get the reboot treatment as film writers in general hits an all-time low in the creativity department. My money’s on a reboot of the Captain Powers & The Soldiers of the Future or the tale of the time-travelling duo in Voyager TV series next because I badly want to see both happening in my lifetime!

#2 – More outrageous acquisitions by Disney after the already massive coup of Marvel and Star Wars. I’m totally expecting them to get toymaker company Hasbro into their balance sheet and…….*drumroll*…….there would be an attempt to wrestle DC from their current parent company Warner Bros. Preposterous you say? We’ll see.

#3 – Price of a one-sixth collectible figure produced by Hot Toys will eventually equal to that of a car down payment. Really ridiculous and scary fact this is as buying one (1) Hot Toys collectible figure edges you closer and closer towards an unthinkable price points these days. This prediction, sadly, will come true sooner than we thought it would be if Hot Toys is allowed to skyrocket their price points at will.

#4 – McFarlane Toys will go back to producing movie-related action figures. I miss their Movie Maniacs line!

#5 – By the end of 2019, Disney will most probably decide to pursue Episodes 10 till 12 aka the FOURTH Star Wars Trilogy since it is a no-brainer money-makin’ engine to continuously entice Star Wars fans to come back for more. And just think about the gajilions to be made from the action-figure/merchandise department (re: point #2 above!). It makes so much sense doesn’t it?

#6 – Resurrections of music icons/bands long gone will be a norm in 2020 by way of doppelgangers who look or/and sound like the original standing in for the real deal. Think Kevin Parker (of Tame Impala) or Julian Lennon standing in for John Lennon and Dhani Harrison standing in for George for a new Beatles album then! *praying hard*. That South American dude who sounds exactly like Kurt Cobain might even join Dave and Krist for a new Nirvana album too by the end of the decade.

#7 – Shia LaBeouf will finally become a household name trouncing even the likes of hotly-anticipated hopefuls like Chris Pratt or Michael Fassbender. Scary.

#8 – Nessie will be proven real and those who continuously denied her existence up to this point will have to do community service by cleaning up pollution in Loch Ness.

#9 – There will be endless cashing in of (yet again) ‘nostalgia’ reunions by the boybands of yore….or have we grown tired of NKOTB and Backstreet Boys already?

#10 – Nope. Flying cars still won’t happen by 2020. Sorry Back to the Future fans!

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Anonymous said…
Disney trying to buy everything? I'm oficially scared.
I don't think that will affect the sagas we already know (I can easily forget StarWars belongs to Disney), but having mayor pop culture sagas being property of an only one monster company reaaally puts concerns into me.

I have one prediction: Mattel and Hasbro will keep lowering the overall quality of their 12-inches action figures and dolls (molded on clothing, cheaper materials, less fabric... it is already happening!)
The Rebel said…
Thanks for dropping by Yelinna. Pretty scary thing with the quality of Mattel/Hasbro dropping the quality of their stuff by the day.