Haslab's 32" Marvel Legends Galactus


I'm still on the fence about the new Haslab Galactus. Like most Toybiz enthusiast I already have that original BAF figure and I totally didn't see the need to get that early Hasbro version because I think that the Toybiz version still reigns supreme. I'm still content with having my Toybiz version on my shelf. For now.

Anyway, just take a look at the size of that thing.....

This new Galactus will come with light up features and different face plates ala Hot Toys. I love the new facial expressions, they're much more realistic than Toybiz's.

Why am still on the fence you ask? Well for starters, I still haven't completed my Marvel Legends classic Fantastic Four lineup (not even halfway...schucks) and there's this one promo pic that shows the classic lineup standing before the giant cosmic entity. For the love God I can't even find that picture anymore, anywhere. 

I might get the modern FF lineup though, they're pretty much dumped on Fleabay and such at the moment. But I might also go crazy and pre order the new Mezco Fantastic Four but I might not have the extraordinary patience to wait for it come end of next year.


Whatever it is, August 31st, 2021 is your last chance to pre order this baby and should you have a change of mind later (like so many Star Wars fans trying to find the Khetanna at decent prices well after the pre order period) you'd better be prepared to pay exorbitant prices on Fleabay later.