Possible Masterpiece Cliffjumper coming our way soon?


Old news this is but still got my heart pumping when I came across these pictures a while ago. This was first came out over some Transformers fan site in August. Some lucky dude named jkhan has these pictures of the supposed prototype Cliffjumper from the Masterpiece line. 

So far I'm liking what I see. The design is stubby enough to remind me of Cliffjumper from the G1 cartoon series. Allegedly this proto design still has Bumblebee's head (buy ya can't see it anyway in the photos) and the paintjob is somehow leave a lot to be desired. Prototype ya know.

And coincidently an IG buddy of mine posted this over at his IG page (transformersg1fansforever) showing yet another prototype Cliffjumper in his 'bot mode. Lookin good I must say although I can't really verify where it's from or at the very least its authenticity.

So looking forward to Cliffjumper. He's probably the less annoying version of Bumblebee to me back in the day so getting him in my collection is a must.

The Rebel

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