Moon Knight S1 Episode 1


Boy, was that first episode confusing or what? Firstly I truly appreciate the effort by Marvel Studios to bring forth a lesser known character. Well, they kind of did it with the Guardians of the Galaxy (but not so much with The Eternals) and it makes sense for them to push Moon Knight to greater heights too. Nice to see the B-characters getting some air time instead of the already common ones.

So what's confusing you ask? To be perfectly clear, I haven't read much of Moon Knight's comic books back in the day up to the present but I do know of his back story which is Marc Spector getting the power of an Egyptian deity and Marc also having some personality disorder yada yada yada. The MCU series however introduces us to Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac) who we learn is also Marc Spector (from his inner monologues) and the two somehow shares the same body. This might explain Spector's personality disorder and that horrible Brit-eesh accent just to differentiate the two when Spector eventually pops up in Episode 2. This I believe didn't happen in the comic books? Do correct me if I'm wrong on this dear long time Moon Knight comic aficionados. I'm guessing Marvel Studios is riding high on Spector's split personality problem and incorporated it into the story arc.

I totally dig the story line so far. That final wicked fight scene at the very end leaves you wanting for more and that's when I think Episode 2 will be the make or break episode for the whole series. I'm still buzzing from watching The Batman and the way Spector/Moon Knight bashes his Egyptian deity enemy reminds me quiet a bit to The Batman's fighting style. I'm liking what I've watched so far even if the character build up is a bit different than what I remember.

On to Episode 2!