Retro comic ads again

What can I say, I love them retro comic ads. Here are several more for today for your visual pleasures....



How about some game cartridges for your NES?

I remembered the Masters' comic run back in the day but I never bothered to pick any up for some reason. I absolutely love the colorful character line up here.

M&M's were quiet the rage back in the day, their mascots were put in various poses to show us that they're actually living breathing creatures capable of mimicking human activities. So wait, that means we're cannibals? Hah...

I remember begging my dad to get me the Uncanny X-Men game cartridge for my NES because my other buddies in school were already playing them or worse, already half way through.

Bionic Commandos has had many reboots and reimagining people sometimes forget that it started out as that innocent platform-style game with basic 80s pixelated graphics.