Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Staring straight right into the face of boredom....

It must be one of THOSE days....its not like I don't have any work to do....God knows I do. I'm prettttttty sure most of us have experienced this state of mixed emotions..."I-have-tonnes-of-stuff-to-do-but-I'm-ever-so-lazy/unmotivated-to-do-it!". You just know it that boredom is looming within your subconcious (or sometimes concious!) state of mind when:
- you keep checking the watch and began a special countdown till the end of the official working hours
- you've been on Facebook/Friendster/MySpace since morning with no one else to chat to
- you already felt like forever but it's only 10am (Gosh!!!)
- the assignment sheet entrusted to you is starting to have pencil-doodles at the side of it
- your proposal paper is starting to be pushed aside in favour of the daily newspaper
- dialogues and snippets from all Star Wars & Lord of The Rings movies are constantly being replayed in your mind
- you already ran out of songs for you to hum and tap your feet to
- you've already read most of the online newspaper journals but still search for more reports of the same news
- you browse through the internet to find blogs such as this, hoping to read interesting articles that talk on boredom and ways to beat it.
To cap a wonderful yet brief reading pleasure, here's a few useful websites taken randomly from the internet a moment ago; that conveniently lists down the things we could do to pass time at the office but still remain productive in a certain point of view:




*Oh by the way, wikihow's tip #8 is interesting yet common....I'll give it a try afterwards! Heheh.....

In the meantime, I invite anybody who comes across this article to contribute your ideas on how to effectively kill time...(ooooppsss, did I say kill time?)...err, how to effectively "Properly Manage An Employee's Working Time" to productively maximise office working hours!

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