Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Monday, January 12, 2009

The 2009 wish-list of a Geek action-figure enthusiast!!!

It's way into January '09 and most fellow collectors have made their inaugural purchases...or should we say their 'inaugural haul' for the year already. As for me, I had to initially settle with the BR Joker as my sole Hot Toys 12" figure (my wallet still yet to forgive me for purchasing that one!).....I'm still reeling from the aftershock that a 12" action-figure can truly breach the unthinkable RM450 mark......that's well above USD135 a pop! Well, enough whining.....I finally got my Hot Toys TDK from a fellow collector/toy-store-owner for an irresistable price last weekend (by which I mean waaaayyyyy below market price and it's original selling price), so I'm guessing that I'm beginning to accept the fact that Hot Toys poured a lot of efforts and love into producing these great 'realistic and life-like' action-figures, hence the price tag warrants it. So much so, I'm thinking of getting Harvey Dent next, and I'm already on the wait-list for the 1st (purple suit) Joker's last batch stock in March '09! Heheh, talk about being a late collector of the 12" HT Dark Knight line.

Anyway, due to my recent re-discovered love for the 12" figures market (I was a nut for collecting the Sideshow Star Wars 12" line before), towards the end of 2008 saw me purchasing several excellent 12" action-figures, in particular Sideshow's Indiana Jones, The Tomb Raider and of course THE 12" figure of the year...the Bank Robber Joker. I enjoyed them so much that I've decided to pre-order several more 12" action figures due to arrive in Q1 and Q2 '09. Which one you may ask? Well, you'll just have to wait and see...heheh.
Is 2009 going to be a 12" scale fiesta for most of us?? Bring on the 12" troops!!!!

Is this gonna be a renaissance of action-figure collecting trend for me? Will I ever forget the sheer joy and madness of hunting down 6" action-figures (Marvel Legends and the likes!)??

Well, not really, I've got my sights on a few since last year. Come March '09, The Watchmen movie will grace the silver screen, and along with it comes the excellent action-figures that stayed faithful to the Alan Moore/Dave Gibbons work (even tho' Moore didn't want any part in the movie!). I'm getting the 6" line for sure.....but the 12"? One look at the prototype/preview pictures, I can only say, honestly that these are NOT Hot Toys NOR Sideshow Toys quality. Apart from that, I'd say I'm pretty hyped up about Alex Ross' JSA Series 1 line to be added to my excellent Justice line of figures.

We geeks will rule 2009.......'nuff said.

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Armand said...

Oh yeah man! I miss hunting down Marvel Legends! I used to collect those before Hasbro took over.

Wah wah wah, nice shopping list you got there my friend! Planning to built yourself an army of Ironmen? Hehehehe! Welcome back to the dark side my friend!

Little Plastic Man said...

Yes...these are exciting times! Just hope my wallet shares the same enthusiasm.

The Rebel said...

Armand...how i wish i can afford everything on my wish-list! I agree with Adrian, I just hope my wallet shares the same enthusiasm!! :p

Dash MacBastard said...

Hot Toys upcoming HELLBOY looks amazing!