Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Give peace a chance!!!

By now the world is setting its eyes on the invasion of Gaza City by the Israeli forces. At the point of typing this, latest news showed that more than 700 casualties were suffered on the Palestinian front, civilians and children included. More than 3000 people were also wounded as a result of Israel's rockets. Though Israel cried foul too with a meagre death toll of 11 (also at this particular point of time of typing), neither Israel nor the Hamas forces in Palestine has agreed on any ceasefire or call for truce.

What have the so-called 'veto-ist' countries done so far?

As a Malaysian, I'm proud too know that Malaysia, together with a large number of other Muslim countries have mounted pressure on the United Nations to convene and discuss on the critical condition that is happening in the region. A lot of countries condemn this act of aggression and will now try to call for a UN sanction to force Israel out of Palestinian soil. Further resolutions are also suggested for immediate despatching of humanitarian aid to civilians injured in the conflict and to pressure the US (as the main ally of Israel) to play a more 'prominent' role in ending the carnage in Gaza. Worst of it all, the UN is anticipating a delay tactic from the US to stall the special ad hoc meeting to discuss measures which will end the cease-fire.
The pictures of death tolls and civilians/children getting killed are deemed to graphical to most, but nevertheless it has opened the eyes of the world on how cruel and inhumane the Israeli forces are. Not gonna post those here......you can search for 'em on the internet. It breaks my heart to see parents weeping for their lifeless children and vice-versa.
What has the world gone to? Is this the last oppressive action of the Republican Party at the White House? Will the Democrats maintain status-quo and remain mum on the subject when they take over next? Are you listening/watching the news, Mr Obama?
The great John Lennon once said (or rather sang...):
"Ev'rybody's talkin' (a lot) 'bout Revolution, Evolution, Flagellation, Regulation, Integrations, mediations, United Nation, congratulations....All we are saying is give peace a chance!!!!!!"

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