Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Movie Masters Two-Face figure!!!!!

Anyone remember the Movie Masters TDK line released some time ago? The Joker was highly sought after; due to its' 'lead-painting-poison' hullabaloo which leads to it being pulled back from shelves all over the world. Hence, created a mass scarcity of stock worldwide. Thank God I got 2 of those...heheh. Apart from Mr Ledger's figure, we also got Batman (original suit), The Scarecrow and The Dark Knight action figures from the early wave. Since then, fanboys have been praying hard that Two-face would be eventually released.
I was browsing thru Toyfare #138 at one of the bookstore in town yesterday and came across Mattel's newest assortment of 6" Movie Masters figures. This wave includes Batman, Harvey Dent (Variant)- Joker Thug (Brown Suit), Harvey Two-Face. Note that Harvey Dent (pre-burned face) is a variant figure for Harvey Two-Face. These are expected to be released in the Spring of 2009.
My only comment is that they should've included other prominent characters as well, like Jim Gordon, Carmine Falcone or Salvatore Maroni even. These will complement the line perfectly as they are essential in the graphic novels AND the big screen adaptations. The other thing is, the brown-suit Gotham thug could have easily become Bank-Robber Joker had his suit be grey; and a little modification on its' hair length and colour! And yet ANOTHER Batman?? *sigh*

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