Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Monday, March 16, 2009

Alex Ferguson: The Master of the "Dog-ate-my-homework" analogy!

Well, I have no intention to give a 'rub-it-in-your-face' review on the recent Liverpool 4-1 victory over Manyoo recently. That's already been said in abundance throughout the whole cyber space (just google 'liverpool 4-1 man utd' and you'll see what I mean!).
But just let me start this rant by saying that even though I am not a Liverpool supporter, I feel that the team doesn't receive enough acknowledgment and credits for their recent grand of a form. Their 4-0 victory over Real was quickly dismissed as being lucky and some as far as saying that Real had an 'off' day performance...*sigh*, never the skills and technical competency of the winning team.....and ALWAYS the pitfall of the losing one! Rafa Benitez (that's Liverpool manager for those in the dark) went and said that he doesn't get enough respect as much as the media/press is giving to Alex Ferguson (Manyoo's manager) or Arsene Wenger (Arse's....errr, Arsenal's manager) for that matter. Well, the drubbing of Manyoo certainly gave him all the respect he deserves (and longingly craves).

What bewilder me most was that Ferguson is still the same whiner as he was 10 or 15 years ago (in the early glory days of the EPL). At times I felt that Wenger was a bigger whiner (i.e "ze pitch was not even", "my players were not given enough rest to recover from midweek's game", "the ref wasn't on top of his game today" etc. etc.), but fresh from the aftermath of Manyoo's drubbing by Liverpool, this man manages to impress me more and more by giving out silly press statements...or as I would like to coin out as the 'Dog-ate-my-homework" analogy. So commonly heard again and again but relentlessly being repeated by the great manager.

Now, why can't he just accept that Liverpool was the more superior side on that fateful Saturday afternoon? We've witnessed most of the managers being sporting and giving credits to the winning side during post-match interviews, but I guess a loss (against a bitter rival at that!) translates into a bitter pill to swallow for Ferguson. His latest complaint/excuse was that he believed that the 12.45pm (UK time) kick-off time on Saturday has given the Merseyside team an unfair advantage, hence caused the downfall of the Devils. What the h***? The list gets more and more ridiculous every season. To cap it all off, Sir Alex even gave a press statement saying that "It is a hard one to take because I felt that we WERE the better team." Right Sir Alex........the 'better' team ONLY conceded 4 goals and managed to retaliate with one.

That is why, as a neutral fan (a supporter of neither of the so-called big 4 teams) it's always fun to experience the aftermath of any great match aka the war of words between managers....and to be amazed by how these great tacticians find world class excuses to go with each defeat! :p

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