Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Talking 'out loud' in public: Craving recognition from total strangers (or a desperate act to prove higher intelligence)!

Well, let me just take some minutes off from the gruelling workload/other world-ly demands for a minute (aka a brief pause to de-stressing me-self!). As my mind is slowly drifting off towards lunchtime (tho' I rarely indulge myself with proper lunch nowadays, usually a couple of quick bites will do the trick for me! Haha...) and the fact that I'm currently experiencing a mental block while attempting to complete my latest work assignment, I'd just thought of relating an incident which I've experienced a couple of days ago....to a great dialogue from a well-known cartoon show which my wife and I have come to enjoy. The dialogue goes like this:

Mr S: People talk loud when they want to act smart, right?

Mr P: CORRECT! (very loudly)

Mr S: So, if we play loud, people might think we're good!

For obvious reasons, i chosed NOT to expose the identity of this great "under-the-sea-pineapple-shaped-house" cartoon show (NOR the fact that it is currently still showing at a great children TV network...oranged-logo and all....oooopss! heheh...), but nevertheless, the message is pure and simple. The conversation above took place during a 'band practice' scene when the music conductor realised that his band members couldn't play their instruments at all, but suggested that if they play their instruments loud enough, people might think that they're actually good! I think this is applicable to every aspect/instances of our daily lives.

Now on to my experience.....

I was in an elevator at my office building a couple of days ago, on my way down to my basement level where my car was when I realised that standing among the crowd were one gentlemen and a lady friend of his, presumingly both were from the same office (judging from the same coloured nametags that they wore...). This particular gentlemen was telling (or rather complaining) loudly to his female work colleague that he has to do so many things at one go, so many responsibilities empowered to him, tonnes of paperwork to be done, too many things cluttering his mind, a s***load of international correspondences to attend to in one day.....bla, bla, bla. All of this while giving the rest of the elevator passengers the 'look', as if trying to catch a glimpse whether people were really listening to his long-list of whinings (or achievements depending on whose side you're on!). Talk about gloating...and loudly at that! But what amazes me next was that the female counterpart of his cool-ly responded..."Well, life's like that..." in a subtle yet short/optimistic answer. To that, the gentlemen seemed flabbergasted and looked lost for words as the elevator finally reached our destination.
*Sigh*...things people do to gain recognition and acknowledgement, even from total strangers in the elevator. I wonder if that particular gentlemen/gloater does that during the morning elevator rush-hour.
Hehe......great elevator entertainment, sure beats the heck out of the elevator midi-music!! :p

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darthmental said...

haha. been there bro. tu memang jenis spisis "loud". :P