Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

1/6th scaled Wolverine: Origins

I wasn't too keen over Medicom's version of Wolvie. In fact I find it rather cartoony (for such an expensive action figure!). So when Hot Toys announced (or rather previewed) their 1st prototype take on ol' Wolvie, I was left rather impressed, although the headsculpt has to be improved to reach that level of similarities with Mr Jackman. I'm sure HT will improve on the headsculpt as they strive to perfect their offering before its' expected release later this year.

Mighty impressive with the jacket and especially the 'chromed' claws. For comparison sake, here is a picture of Medicom's 'cartoony' version....with a picture of Medicom's Cyclops as well to further stress my point on the 'cartoony' likeness we get from the Medicom RAH line.

Now, bring on Hot Toys' movie Deadpool....let's see how that one will turn out!

This is a crazy year indeed with Hot Toys (as the leading 1/6th scale action-figure producer) releasing/going to release so many cool figures, some (cool ones) of which are:

The Terminator Salvation line:

T-600 endoskeleton

T-600 endoskeleton with the 'rubber-mask' thingy

John Connor

John Connor variant (looks cool with the non-PVC jacket)

Marcus Wright

Resident Evil 5 line:

Chris Redfield

Sheva Alomar

The Predator movie line:

Dutch Schaefer

Predators (not sure how many versions are there already!)

Apart from that, we're still yet to get the official releases of:

Mark I Iron Man

Rorschach of Watchmen

MMSDX batman (strongly rumoured!)

I wonder how some collectors plan (and managed) to keep up with collecting everything that HT is planning to release this year? I'm already down to having instant noodles for lunch just to get the MMSDX Joker and probably another one or two releases from HT....heheheh....now that Wolverine has been previewed, I guess the 'to-get/wishlist' slot is being filled up pretty fast!

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wujing said...
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darthmental said...

HT memang tengah menggila skang bro. Suma lesen yang hot depa dapat. Hebat btui.

hmm, actually medicom pun not bad gak. cuma wolvie & cyke looks cartoony coz they were comic version, not movie. hehe. :D

rockaholic said...

yang lain2 aku boleh tahan lagi, tapi bab Wolvie ni mmg buat aku berdarah hidung.. demmit tul!!
HT = HanTu.. hahaha..

-zuh@ili- said...

haha,tul tu bro rock...term lain utk HT,kekekeee...........

The Rebel said...

>>mental....nama company pun "Hot" Toys kan?..heheh...

>>bro rock.....wolvie tu mmg mencabar minda bro.....so MUCH better than Medicom's version...plus you'll get a Hugh Jackman likeness as well!

>>Apa lagi En Zuhaili, pre-order je la!!! Harhahahahah.....

Mohamad said...

Tul ckp ko, Hot Toys tgh gila H1N1 skang ni, mentang2 produk diorang mantops, tak kesian langsung kat kita, hahahaks.