Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Blackburn Rovers Home & Away shirts 09/10

Yeah, you'd probably have read this for the umpteenth' time. I am, in fact, a Blackburn Rovers fan. I have no need to explain myself again (and again!) on my choice of football club to support. Go the extra mile and try searching my earlier entries to find the reasons of me' humble choice of club...heheh!
Anyway, as most EPL clubs are scrambling to introduce their new kits for the new 09/10 season, Blackburn Rovers Football Club (Blackburn for short) have also revealed their new kits, both home & away. As a fan, I am delighted as these look a tad better than the previous season's (which I have missed to purchase due to the 'oh-so-lame' designs by Umbro). These new kits however, marked some improvements, so maybe there's some hope that I'll get them soon. Some would probably comment that the shirts are too simple and too plain. But that's just Blackburn, their colour schemes are simple, so by not over-complicating it, we leave it at its best. That's just my opinion by the way.....

Blackburn's 09/10 HOME kit:

"From season to season, the Rovers home kit doesn’t change that much due to its classic style. But there are some important enhancements made in the new jersey compared to the one from last season. The trim of the v-neck is now red, white and blue instead of white. The effect adds a degree of patriotism to the shirt for England fans.

Designed and manufactured by Umbro, the Rovers home shirt now features the red Umbro logo instead of the customary blue one. The shirt also features a red trim along the bottom of the jersey. Plus, there’s the attractive touch of the red, white and blue trim on the edges of the sleeve. Lastly, at the back of the shirt, Umbro has added an insignia for Blackburn Rovers. It’s difficult to tell from the picture what it says, but it seems like a classy touch to an overall well-designed shirt that I believe will be a big hit for Blackburn supporters."

Blackburn's 09/10 AWAY shirt (reminds me quite a bit like 'Pool's away jersey tho'):

Blackburn's 3rd kit (I'm guessing there're no changes just like for the past 2 seasons, which IMHO is one of the BEST Blackburn shirt design ever):

Stayin' true to my team!!!!

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Shaun said...

IMHO, it's great that Blackburn has Umbro as a shirt sponsor. Umbro are knocking out some rather classic designs, like the England shirt, and Man City shirt as well. You're right about the resemblance to Pool's away kit in the away kit, looks quite similar to the 2005/06 reebok kit.

The Rebel said...

yeah Shaun...

I kinda like the nod to the 80s/retro England shirt! Looks vintage...

Shaun said...

think more of a throwback to the team of the 60s. Looking forward to Umbro's take on the away kit. Though I don't fancy Nike much as as do adidas, at least they keep their kit templates simple, and their influence can clearly be seen on Umbro kits now, whom they acquired in 07

Razmanshah said...

Alan Shearer, Chris Sutton, Tim Sherwood..

To me they are legends during their time at Blackburn

Anonymous said...

teringat satu ketika dahulu
masa tahun 1996
aku minat Blackburn Rovers
dapat jersi Blackburn jenama Asics dari pakcik aku.
pakat dok berangan Tim Sherwood masa tu.

selepas 13 tahun.
tiada lagi blackburn rovers.
sekarang aku nyanyi lagu Jerry and The Peacemaker saja.

good luck season depan dan jersi tersebut memang kelihatan klasik seperti apa yang dikatakan di atas.