Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Geeky nerd trivia: What is the on-screen connection between Batman (The Dark Knight) and Spawn?

Eveybody knows Spawn, the cool comic character created by Todd McFarlane, produced under the Image Comic banner. There was even a real-life action movie of Spawn in 1997 to immortalize the character as a screen persona.
Before I go any deeper in this week's edition of a geeky-nerd-discussion, I'd like to point out that Spawn was actually McFarlane's take on both Batman and (to some extent) Spiderman, having worked with both DC and Marvel comics previously. This was explained and discussed endlessly during the early years of McFarlane's highly successful formation of Image Comics with 6 other 'co-founders' from Marvel Comics at that time.
Ok, back to the Spawn movie. The title character was played by an American actor by the name of Michael Jai White, who successfully portrayed Al Simmons as the deceased military dude who later got transformed into a (Hell) Spawn. Pretty accurate to the comic version I should say. While the movie was just so-and-so to most, McFarlane's fans rejoiced having the pleasure to see Spawn on the big screen.
During one of my re-watching of The Dark Knight movie (again!) during one of the past weekends, I noticed that the actor who played Gambol, the African-American gangster leader/mob boss looked mighty familiar!
My curiosity served me well as I found out that that the character Gambol was actually played by none other than Michael Jai White aka Mr 'on-screen-Spawn' himself!
So there you have it, the actor who played the comic character Spawn; which was inspired heavily by Batman/The Dark Knight, also appeared in the The Dark Knight (2008) movie!
Geek trivia rules!

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darthmental said...

haha. aku pun perasan gak mamat gambol tu.