Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Monday, July 6, 2009

Don Vito Corleone: Hot Toys vs Enterbay!!!!

When Enterbay first announced their entry into the 1/6th scale action figure market, many people were left astounded by the pricing scheme of their products. Their 'Game of Death ' Bruce Lee reached Malaysian shores at a staggering RM1300 price tag (that's about USD370 folks!)!!! Although it was gazetted as USD300, but that wasn't inclusive of all so-called shipping costs/taxes etc. Then came a series of their other products. I must say that the headsculpts were pretty impressive there onwards. My favourite ones have got to be Kiefer Sutherland's character in 24 and Rowan Atkinson's Mr Bean!!! Real top notch reproduction albeit skyhigh price range!
On the other hand, most collectors are somewhat receptive of the pricing scheme set by Hot Toys as their offerings are considered value-for-money for the price most collectors paid for them. Although I must say that the recent MMSDX line (starting with the Joker figure) promises to be marketed at a slightly 'elevated' price compared to the usual Movie Masterpiece line. But that's another story.
Naturally, when 2 companies come face-to-face with their almost similar product offerings, they are bound to come across with each other producing the SAME product at one point. Call it coincident or what, both Hot Toys and Enterbay have now offered the same character for their 1/6th scale line.
Hot Toys' Godfather (aka Don Vito Corleone) was released some time ago to great response from collectors. This superb action figure was delicately reviewed by none other than expert reviewer Michael Crawford some time ago. These are sample pictures taken from his website to illustrate Hot Toys' take on Marlon Brando's screen character.

Enterbay recently previewed their version on the Godfather on their official blog. There was a short note attached at the bottom of their blog review which says...The Real “Godfather” is here! Hmm, that sure sounded like 'adding fuel to the fire'....aka the fiery feud between these 2 companies! Anyway, I can't see much difference between these 2 from the comparison pictures. Except that Enterbay's version has a more 'squinted eyes' look to it. See for yourselves!

Although I'm definitely not picking any of these up, I look forward to reading reviews from other collectors of the comparisons that they may find upon the release of Enterbay's version. Hmmm, I wonder what other 'similar' characters both HT and Enterbay plan to release next?

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darthmental said...

don vito HT memang best gila. kagum aku tengok workmanship depa.

desmond said...

I think Enterbay's paint job is better. There will be much difference. Take a look at the front parts of the hair first.