Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hasbro's Constructicon Devastator

Oops, sorry if you're expecting to see the old classic 'G1 green combiner giant' here. I'm talking specifically about Revenge of The Fallen's (ROTF) screen character (or a combination of characters...depending on how you see it!). I was walking through the local TRU near my home yesterday night with my wife and kid and the moment we stepped inside the store, we were immediately greeted by a stack of freshly-taken-out-of-the-box movie Devastators.
I must say that upon closer inspection, well as far as my eyes could see from my curious handling of the box, I found that the product was indeed better looking than its' preview pictures when it was first released months ago. The colour looks good in this final product, lambasting critics who said that the prototype paint looks 'el-cheapo' and was of 'inferior' 10-dollar shop quality.

As usual, a Transformers movie toy (well, the big ones at least....) comes with a 'Try Me" function. Upon pressing down the chest part, Devastator 'introduced' himself albeit bits of growl and a 'sore throat' voice. Green LEDs were also installed in his eyes area as well as in his face area......they light up when Devastator 'talks'.

I'm adamant NOT to get this one for a couple of reasons. Reason #1 is that the price tag is a bit pricey for a mass-market-produced toy. I'd better off getting a 'Hot Toys-quality' product with that price tag I reckon! Reason #2 is an obvious one, I don't believe in getting an expensive combiner Transformers robot when the individual robots are not 'transformable'! That's kinda pathetic don't you think? We get 6 different 'Voyager Class' Constructicon individual robots who can't combine, but on the other hand, we get Devastator who CAN IN FACT dis-assemble, but individually CAN'T transform back into their respective robot modes.
I'm anxiously waiting to see whether any of my fellow blogger buddies decides to pick this one up or not. Then we'd be able to see a thorough pictorial review of it.

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darthmental said...

there can be only one! the green & purple.. the true devastator! haha.

G1 devastator aku lagi best.. walaupun "cap ayam". wakakaka! beli kat carrefour mid-valley tahun 2002 dulu. memang sebijik cam yang ori. :D

desmond said...

BRO, you can consider to buy the EZ Legend devastator. There are 7 pieces of them and each of them can transform into robot mode and vehicle mode. They can combine together to form Devastator too. The price is around S$65. The size of the final formed devastator is a little bigger than the size of a deluxe class figure. You may view Juliana's blog for actual product picture :P