Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It's a fitting time to say..." I told you so!!!"....say hello to MMSDX: The Dark Knight!!!

This is just too hilarious to say the least. In the current debacle of whether Hot Toys would push their luck and continue milking collector's hard earn dough, we get the preview pic for their latest MMSDX line product. As expected, they're producing The Dark Knight next. I guess this one comes with the PERS (eyeball thingy) system to add to that sense of realism (or creepyness if you ask me).

It looks like they've included his skyhook anchor/rig (the one he used to escape from the Hong Kong skyscraper) and err....his bomb gun? And what's with the armour thing on his back? Not sure...let's wait for more pics. I'm pretty sure the whole reason of shielding us from seeing his head is to conceal his 'sonar-eyes' thingamajiggy.
Let the floodgate open, Hot Toys.....we're anticipating MMSDX Two-Face, MMSDX Batman Begins and MMSDX BR Joker next! :P
Whatever happened to The Scarecrow and Gordon?

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desmond said...

I skip the MMSDX TDK series..

The Rebel said...

yeah Desmond,

I'm pretty sure many collectors would too! Unless you've missed out previously on the 1st DK or the 'purple-suit' Joker (like me!)...:p