Preview of DiD's 2nd Ranger Battalion: "Private Daniel"

This literally came out of nowhere, as it suddenly appeared in DiD's official website when i checked it out this morning. It's very strange indeed as their previous military action-figure (reviewed here by yours truly!) had ample preview done on it. Heck, the official pictures came out months ago just to build up collectors' hype and anticipations. This one however, baffles me as the release date is scheduled for July '09....aka this month!
Upon my first glance, I immediately recognize this figure's similarities to actor Barry Pepper who portrayed the religious gifted sniper Pvt. Daniel Jackson in the epic D-Day movie "Saving Private Ryan". I was thinking..."Wow, DiD didn't even bother to cover the name likeness!"...hence I assumed that DiD received permission to use Pepper's likeness etc. No matter, I won't dwell much on the issue. Let's just enjoy the preview pics shall we?

At this point, I am really convinced that this figure is an exact reproduction of Pepper's character. Take a look at his left-handed handling of the sniper gun. Similar to the movie.

The is just insane! The likeness of Barry Pepper is spot on! This is a 'serious' challenge indeed posed by DiD to other 'established 1/6th scale producers' such as Hot Toys and Enterbay. DiD has seriously revamped their offerings and their latest products are simply amazing!

I wonder which characters they'll produce next? Could it be Capt. Miller (portrayed by Tom Hanks in 'Ryan) or would DiD continue to produce characters from the Band of Brothers TV series e.g. Major Dick Winters perhaps? Either way, I dare say that most 1/6th military enthusiasts would excited to know that DiD has finally released products which are on par with other 'inflated-priced' 1/6th action figures in the market. I just hope that they stay true to their price range and not following the 'bandwagon-effect' of pricing everything 'above average'....*sigh*. IMHO.....let 'action-figure collecting' stay as a 'hobby' rather than a 'luxurious pastime'.

'Nuff said.

The Rebel


darthmental said...


dem. sebijik cam jackson.

tah2 later depa buat fig FMJ plak. ada private joker mesti best. siap ngan camera dia skali, hehe.

desmond said...

Bro, I admit DID products are pretty solid in term of pricing and quality. They are good in WW2..

Rockaholic said...

beli bro, DID accessories byk yang diecast. mmg puas ati coz DID skarang ni dah mantap.. muka pon reallllllll.. long live DID corps.

Little Plastic Man said...

This is really great news. Dragon has the Cpt Miller but too bad the face sculpt is not Tom Hanks...I like the direction DID is going

Mat`amiT said...

the face looks so real and alive

Jae Sern said...

"My goodness, and my fortress; my high tower, and my deliverer; my shield, and he in whom I trust."