SDCC 2009 Hasbro Exclusive: The Invaders

This is the latest Hasbro's SDCC Exclusive action figures from the Marvel Universe line, the fantastic packaging for the conventions 70th Anniversary Box Set of those wartime heroes of World War II...The Invaders! Darn, I don't collect 3.75" figures anymore, but I guess I'm still a sucker for all of these 'marketing ploy'...that's one sweet packaging! It's details are as follows:

Retail: $39.99
Captain America
Prince Namor
Human Torch
Red Skull
4 TOP SECRET Folders
4 War Department Files
3 War Department ID Cards
1 Order of Hydra ID Cards
Special Gatefold Magnetic Packaging
70th Anniversary Magnet

The Rebel


darthmental said...

kan lagi best kalu diorang buat 6" scale..

The Rebel said...

EXACTLY! If these were in 6" scale, I wld've hunted for them instantly! Besides, I need Namor for my ML collection! heheh....