Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Monday, August 10, 2009

1/6th Normandy beach invasion diorama!

As their landing craft touched down on the Normandy shoreline at 6.30am, they stumbled forward into Hell. They were greeted by a barrage of machinegun bullets. Those of the German MG-42's to be exact. Some 1,500 Allied soldiers (mostly Americans) died in the bloody battle to take Omaha Beach on D-Day which was under fire from a well-disguised German gun emplacement. Omaha Beach was one of five beaches stormed by the Allies on DDay and the one that suffered by far the highest number of casualties. It became known to American soldiers as "Bloody Omaha."
The Normandy beach invasion was captured brilliantly by great films like The Longest Day and most recently (and the best yet) in Saving Private Ryan.
Soldier Story will be releasing this superb 2nd Battalion Ranger figure somewhere in September '09. This will definitely sell very fast as many 1/6th military enthusiast would want a piece of the Normandy invasion Ranger.

As a bonus, Soldier Story would also be offering collectors a chance to purchase the anti-tank obstacle present scattered throughout the beach during the invasion to prevent any Allied tanks from being deployed.

Together with the Ranger action-figure, this would make such diorama scene as portrayed below, possible!

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Little Plastic Man said...

Is the first picture a 1/6 diorama! It looks so real...got link to see more of it??

The Rebel said...

Nahh Adrian...it's a random scene from the 'Ryan movie.....just for kicks...heheh, sorry for the confusion bro!

I'm a terrible WW2 buff....everytime I watch the opening scene of 'Ryan....I'll be flabbergasted/mouth-open and all sittin' in front of the screen! Tryin to catch a glimpse of all those vintage uniform/weapon details! :p

Little Plastic Man said...

OIC...but it would be nice if someone does it..:P