Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fallschirmjäger Ultimate Edition from DiD Corporation

Fallschirmjäger are German paratroopers in World War II and is touted in military warfare as the first to be committed in large-scale airborne operations. They came to be known as the "Green Devils" by the Allied forces they fought against, probably because of the colour of the uniform that they wore. You can read more about them on wiki's page. Basically, I'm not too crazy about the Nazi Fallschirmjäger since there were not much coverage/books written and TV series made about them, as opposed to the Stephen Ambrose book and later on HBO's Band of Brothers which concentrated on the American paratroopers of Easy Company.....LOL!
Personally, I prefer the heer wehrmacht (German infantry army) division because I truly dig the paraphernelias i.e. uniforms, weapons, equipments, vehicles, accessories, gears etc. I did a feeble attempt to kitbash one much earlier since I couldn't find an existing 1/6th scale version of it anywhere in the market.
DiD Corporation has been giving us collectors some great WWII action figures lately, with the Airborne Medic being my favourite thus far. I've reviewed the said figure much earlier too. Their latest offering, which came barely a month after their Pvt. Jackson (US WWII 2nd Battalion Ranger) was announced, surprised many. I think many collectors will gasp in awe as there would be no guessing on who is the 'celebrity' used as the headsculpt. Take a look! He's none other than Daniel Craig, aka Mr-blond James Bond! This one's coming out in Sept '09 and I'm pretty sure many collectors will be tempted to get him merely for the accurate headsculpt of Mr Craig. I personally think that DiD's take on Daniel Craig's likeness is somewhat better than Loading Toys' version. You can see that version here through toyhaven's review page.

See the complete preview pictures here on DiD's homepage for a more detailed look at the action-figure and its' accesories.

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desmond said...

This head sculpt is pretty nice..Good job..DID!!