Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I may have contributed to George Lucas' retirement fund yet again!!!!

Behold! These are my early Sept haul for Star Wars. I had always planned to get Wedge's X-Wing since it was first 'hulla-ballooed' on the internet some time back. This is given the fact that I had a very nasty experience of not receiving my Luke Skywalker 'Dagobah' X-Wing which I have bought over eBay some time ago. It still frustrates me till this day to think that some moron over at the supposedly 'safe' destination had received the item and kept it for himself or gave it away to whoever he feels like to. But enough of that. I finally found my peace the moment I got my hands on the Red Leader X-Wing box! Let's see the packaging first. I'd probably do a review on the actual X-Wing once I have some free time to do so....hehe:

This is one considerably huge box if compared to the ones housing the Y-Wings!

Geek fact: Wedge Antilles was Red 2 during the Battle of Yavin (Ep IV) and he was Red Leader during The Battles of Endor (Ep VI).....

This is a really cool box-art!

A superb back panel which shows the overview of the X-Wing

The actual product itself. Notice that we would have to assemble the right wing portion ourselves (just like the previous Dagobah release!). At this point I'm guessing that the un-attached wings are kept underneath that elevated part that the X-Wing is currently sitting on...

Fans have been waiting for oh-so-long for this screen-accurate yellow ladder to be produced. Previously this was only made available with that SDCC '09 exclusive Luke Skywalker figure. I forgot to snap a close look of the brown ladder used by the ground technicians to check on the wings.

Mr. Antilles himself looking pretty somber for some reasons....

Wedge's trusty astromech droid, an R4-G9 unit....posing by the yellow ladder....he's no Artoo, but he'll do the job the same!

Next, I got myself several comic packs (5 to be exact!). These were going at a 30% discount at a nearby retail outlet. The one with the black-carded was even going for 50% less! Normally I would hesitate and go back and forth before deciding to pick up at the most.....2 or 3 comic packs at one go. But given that most of these comic pack are red hot item (i.e. constantly being 'ridiculously-marked-up 'on eBay!), I just had to get 'em all!

I got myself the Imperial Knights (Draco and Grieg), Darth Talon/Cade Skywalker (smokin' hot!!!), Darth Vader/Grand Moff Trachta (who gives a s*** about yet-another-Vader......its Trachta I'm after!), Grand Admiral Thrawn and Talon Karrde; and the Lt. Jundland/Deena Sheen (I just can't resist another Imperial officer!) comic pack.

What a Galactic month it has been! Next, I'll be waiting for these to hit Malaysian stores:

May the Force be with me (AND my wallet)....always!!!

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Razmanshah said...

wei, giler banyak haul ko!!! jelez aku ko da X-wing. aku pun nak gak

Dash MacBastard said...

NICE! Love the X-Wing, bro.
I too have given generously to the George Lucas retirement fund in the past, and probably will be again in the future.

Asrul "iLham" Sany said...

nice one dude.
congrat on buying it.
seb bek aku tak minat sgt kat star wars. kalau tak K O P A K!!! jugak ar aku. hahaha

neway, slave lea tu cam menarik jew.

The Rebel said...

Razman...alah sesekali haul pakai guni!!! LOL! Get that X-Wing bro....worth it!

Dash.... darn, we're so gonna contribute to 'ol George's retirement fund again and again....Hasbro has planned out several good releases for the SW line throughout the year!

Asrul....even if you're a 'casual' fan of SW, u shd get this for the sheer 'iconic' power of it! The X-Wing stands at par with the likes of the DeLorean and the Ecto-1 as one of the most identifiable movie vehicles ever!