Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My "GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra" haul.....

Hmm....this is a pretty impressive haul for someone who previously very adamant NOT to pick up any more 3.75" action-figures apart from his beloved Star Wars! :p
I still haven't watched The Rise of Cobra (ROC) for the record, I'd probably wait till the DVD release comes out later this year (although I do have an 'unofficial' copy of the movie.....heheh). I was a considerably huge fan of the cartoon series in the 80s and later I followed the comics (it was by Marvel me thinks?) up to the early 90s. I had about 30 or so figures back in the 80s but most of them didn't survived the gruelling consistent battles with each other.
When the 25th anniversary figures came out, I restrained myself from buying any of those (although I came very close to getting a Crimson Cobra Officer that one time! Sweet sculpt and all!). I was pretty sure of not getting the movie figures, because I thought that those were not faithful replication of the much-loved 80s cartoon/comic series characters. Suddenly I had the drive to pick up the Baroness (Sienna Miller's on-screen personae) because I kept saying to myself, "If I'm gonna have just ONE figure from the movie line...this would be it!". Unfortunately, after getting the excellent Baroness, I went ahead and bought the rest of the core characters since I was mightily impressed of the sculpt and detailing on the Baroness.
One of my collector buddy asked me the other day..."Why is there no Breaker, Heavy Duty or Ripcord in your 'core-character' collection?". My reply was swift..."Cause those weren't in the original 80s cartoon/comics!". A matter of personal preference if you ask me. Besides, I'd probably pick them up when TRU decides to mark-down those 'shelf-warmers' later in the year! Heh!
A great bunch of 3.75" action-figures to say the least. really took me by surprise. These grew on me the moment I took them out of their respective packaging. By the way, the packaging has some wicked character art. I'm guessing many collectors would want to keep those for the same reasons that I do.
In a nutshell, I got myself:
The Baroness (Attack on the Pit ver.)
Duke (Reactive Impact Armour)
Scarlett (black leather version?)
Snake Eyes (Attack on the Pit ver.)
Storm Shadow (Attack on the Pit ver...mask on)
Cobra Commander
Destro (COBRA Senior Officer 3-pack)
Viper Commando (COBRA Senior Officer 3-pack)
Elite Commando (COBRA Senior Officer 3-pack)
What made these acquisition much sweeter was that I literally got Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow and Scarlett FOC! Thanks to my wife who lovingly gave up her points voucher to purchase those 3 figures for me!
'Nuff said.

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