Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Star Wars: Legacy Collection 09/10....more pictures!

Yeah, yeah...the latest Star Wars releases were hyped during the previous SDCC way back in July. But I figured that it's worth to reproduce the entire images of these upcoming figure collection here, just to inflict further anticipation and anxiousness to wait for these to arrive at Malaysian shores.

Some of my main targets (although DEFINITELY not all will end up in my collection due to OBVIOUS financial constraints) from the entire series are:
Malakili the rancor keeper & Slave Leia with alt torso!

Commander Cody (man how hard is it previously to get a hold of this guy?!)...and probably Plo Koon, coz he has a removeable mask!

A fully articulated Zuckuss!!! Definitely gonna be better than the POTF release! Not forgetting Hoth Luke!

EU's Sigel Dare and Darth Krayt!
Exar Kun and Ulic Quel Droma......woohooo!

While I've stopped completely from collecting the Force FX Lightsabers a long time ago (4 is already PLENTY!!!! It's enough for me to dress up as General Grievous for God's sake!), the mere sight of Count Dooku's and Asajj Ventress' lightsabers is truly breathtaking!
Pilots! Both Rebel and Imperial! What more can I say?!

DEFINITELY the main highlight of '09....

This looks cool too...and will look sweet alongside my existing TIE's...
MORE pilots....!
Dewback with rider...will look good in my Tatooine diorama!!!

Let's see if these DO arrive in the South East Asia retail market.......or else we'd be forced to give our blood to the scalpers on a certain online auction website! LOL......

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desmond said...

Never ending Star Wars 3.75inch collection series..Luckily I am not into these lines..

Razmanshah said...

si lucas mmg kaya mcm ni. dpt duit juta2 jual menan, games & other memorabilias.

kan best kalo lucas tu aku hehe

darthmental said...

as for vehicles, aku aim new at-st ja. the best! :)

The Rebel said...

Des.....exactly my point too! Endless milking of the franchise!!!!

Razman.....ini dinamakan 'magic of merchandising'! I'd do the same too if my films are worshipped by millions! :p

Mental......yup, I too only want just a few of the 3.75" only, but the AT-ST definitely tops my priority list!