Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Toys r Us Warehouse Sale @ Dataran Hamodal, PJ: 9th -13th Sept '09

I wasn't even in the know about this event until my wife told me about it yesterday. My immediate thinking was that TRU's gonna take this chance to dispose off those 'shelf-warmers' at really insane low prices. But largely I believed that there were gonna be more stuffs for kids, rather than for adult-collectors. When we arrived at noon, my predictions were right and it was a relief really to see more stuffs for the kids this time. Meaning there won't be any scalpers as soon as word gets out that there were not many 'manly-action-figures' on sale this time around. But both my wife and I have no complaints, we were there to get some stuffs for our son anyway.

These were our 'haul' for the day. Everything belongs to our son this time. No "collectible-toys" for daddy this time! Hehehe......

Thomas the Train play-dough set.....RM20 only!
Interactive learning activity books of Thomas and Elmo....I think these were RM50 each...considerably cheaper than its normal retail price of about RM80-RM90

And finally we got this for our son (for the record, one of the biggest Spongebob fan on the planet!).....it was only RM10!


- Really affordable (should I say CHEAP) stuffs for the kids

-Display area was very spacious (no concern of shoulder-to-shoulder rubbing with any flu-infected persons!)

- well-ventilated area made it very relaxed to browse through the items on display

- A handful of selection for kids to choose from! My son went berserk at the sheer sight of merchandises of Thomas the Train, Sesame Street etc.....priceless!

- the cashier area was properly/efficiently managed (wish the same could be said come the weekend!)....so nobody got irritated for standing so long in the queue.


- Some of the items were ALREADY on sale at TRU before this clearance sale took place, but these 'shelf-warmer' still items appear at the same discount rate. Maybe TRU should've priced them a tad lower than before to ensure that they do get picked up eventually.

- not many stuffs for the adult collectors....(ok, ok....I know I wasn't expecting much, but perhaps TRU could've expanded the range of the 'action-figure' items on sale!)...I could only find some Wolverine: Origins 3.75" figures, the Batman/Robin deluxe pack and several Transformers Universe figures which to me, still weren't discounted enough to attract on-lookers, myself included.

- the LEGO sets were still expensive, although I saw many people buying them in busloads! I was particularly tempted to get the TIE Bomber set but was taken aback by the huge price even AFTER the 'measley' 30% discount....heheh.....(slash 50% out of it and that baby's MINE!!!)

There's no way in heck that we're gonna go back there during the weekend! Although there were some wild rumours flying that TRU's gonna stock more new items over the weekend, we simply couldn't take the risk of being trampled in a stampede over some discounted toys! We've got what we wanted......and that's it... Good luck to those planning to visit during the upcoming weekend! :p
'Nuff said. Scroll down for some pictures of the clearance sale.

The LEGO section....

The cashier area...surprisingly the queue was efficiently managed despite the long line

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Rafys78 said...

Very nice report.
Thought of going there 2morrow, just a look see.

Asrul "iLham" Sany said...

that's very of cute of buying toys for ur son.
and he's adorable as well.
can't wait to have my own son,
maybe my son and i can be toyers-buddies.

double K O P A K!!!

The Rebel said...

Rafys - let's see what u managed to get frm the sale bro?

Asrul - insyaAllah one day your son (s) will continue your legacy of collecting them high-end toys! Hehehe....