Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Upcoming 1/6th scale Boba Fett hinted by Sideshow!!!

I guess I'm one of those collectors who had been waiting for the perfect 12" Boba Fett from Sideshow Collectibles to materialise. Many said that the Marmit version still counts as the best (so far, as Sideshow has yet to produce theirs!) and Medicom's version is a tad too short! As for me, I'm somewhat happy with my current Hasbro version. It's comparatively cheaper than both Marmit's and Medicom's versions by a mile!
I came across the "Ask Sideshow" 23/09/09 Q&A session and stumbled across this piece of hint by Sideshow:
Question: I have a question/request regarding the “in development” Boba Fett figure: Will it be the Empire Strikes Back (ESB) version (green gauntlets, blue back on helmet, green jetpack), or the Return of The Jedi (ROTJ) version (red gauntlets, green back on helmet, blue jetpack) as in your Premium Formats figure?
Sideshow answered: Our development team is working on both Empire and ROTJ versions of Boba Fett, although it’s too early to say which version will be released, or which will be released first.
Hmm, up till just now, I didn't even notice that all the existing 1/6th Boba Fetts were the ESB versions! Heck, I didn't even notice that they had different colour schemes from the two movies!
...Boba's ESB colour scheme....
...and in ROTJ (who is his costume designer anyway? Boy, he had time to re-think about his colour-schemes while chasing bounties across the galaxy?!)
Hopefully they'll come up with the ROTJ version, that'll be cool...in view that it's never been produced before.
'Nuff said.

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Dash MacBastard said...

Great news for 1/6th Star Wars collectors!
Bad news for my wallet.

Shaun said...

I've a personal preference for the duller ESB colour scheme though. Great news, looking forward to see Sideshow's take. Their Vader is a contender for toy of the year for me.

darthmental said...

aa.. aku pun ada hasbro punya gak, OTC. tapi marmit punya memang terbaik la.