Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Plastic therapy aka El purchaso for 051109.....thank you Hasbro!!!

I had a considerably crappy week at work.....LOL! No need for details here....*sigh* it'll just bore you. Enough to know that I managed to shrug those 'miserable' feelings away when I got to see me' wife and son right after work. Our proceeding customary trip to our nearest TRU proved to be fruitful too as I managed to snag these 2 hard-to-find figures.

They were restocking the Rise of Cobra figures and I noticed that there were only 2 of 'The Doctor' on display....a no-brainer there. With this, I'm only left with Cover Girl and Zartan to complete my 'main/screen' characters (I'll get those later when they get marked-down....hahaha!). Point to ponder....I can't decipher why Hasbro produced so many figures of those characters who did NOT even make any appearance NOR mentioned in the movie? Come on...where were 'Bench Press', 'Grand Slam', 'Speed Metal' etc. in the movie?! Milking the cow dry, dear Hasbro?

On the Star Wars front, I can't understand though....why the heck did Hasbro Malaysia release the new Wave 8 Legacy figures in 'selected stores'? Some TRU only had the new vehicles but not the figures....and some did have the figures but in very limited quantities. Nevertheless, I got my hands on the Han Solo in stormie armour figure (already have Luke, but I was ever-so tempted to get another one! Me and my weakness to the nice packaging ploy.....d*** you Hasbro!).

So, thank you Hasbro for taking my hard-earned dough (again and again!).....and for making my day in my times of despair.... :p

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Asrul "iLham" Sany said...

the only things that can make me happy are my sayang and my toys.

but the thing about toys is, i can't see to get enough of it. my syg thinks i'm addicted to toys. hahaha.

every toys co are milking us dry. but we still love 'em. just hope next year, i'll making more smart choice in buying toys.

K O P A K!!!

saruman said...

welcome to the the real world!

Anonymous said...

Hey man, TRU's having some storewide offer now. Not sure of the details, but there's in house coupons so the G.I Joe basic figures are at RM29.90, even the old Star Wars Legacy Collection (2008) has the same thing. You may want to check it out.

I think cover girl's pretty available, heh. See it in a lot of places.

Have you seen the new G.I Joe packs of five? Look interesting.

The Rebel said...

Thanks Christon...i will be sure to check them out today after work...(or is it during lunchtime....hehehehh)

Yup, I've seen the 5-pack Joes.....pretty good for value.......thats just about RM20 per figure. I'm skipping those though...heheh, only getting those 'screen/movie' characters only....

astrogalaxy said...

I admit too I am at my weakest with COOL toy box packaging! LOL!
I enjoy reading your post and your journey to finding collectibles! I've added your blog link! It would be great of you could add mine too! Thanks!
Have fun!!