Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Geeky nerd talk: Real-life Star Trek technologies!

Holy cow! Never would I guess that these screen-technologies have actually existed in real-life. For those who are familiar with the Star Trek franchise, then you must be familiar with the terms teleportation, cloaking (Klingons rule btw!) and android technologies. Check out these interesting articles for more info, you'd be amazed:




Having said these, I am very much a Star Wars fan by heart and a devout follower of ol' Uncle George's universe rather than Gene Roddenberry's franchise.....and I most CERTAINLY do not regard Han Solo as a b****.....LOL! Watch Fanboys for more geeky Star Wars vs. Star Trek fiasco!

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darthmental said...

han solo is not a bitch! hahaha! :P