Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hot Toys' Female Truetype figures: TTF-11 & TTF-12....PG13 pictures ahead!!!!

I was on a casual trip to one of the shopping complex (shaped like a 'ancient Egyptian' structure) near my place the other day with my wife and kid when we decided to make a quick detour at one of the toy-store. Truth be told, I never planned to get any of these female truetypes despite having raved about them months ago. After conducting some close inspection and being given the extra push by my dearest toy-collaborator/wife, I decided to get both (eventhough I was only keen on getting just one for the heck of it!)

As expected, the blond 'caucasian' sold out much quicker than the 'tanned' cuban-american version everywhere. I guess I was lucky to have grabbed the last unit of the caucasian figure at the toy store. Below is how they look fresh out of their plastic prison:
My wife has the opinion that the cuban-american ver. resembled a certain Ms Jolie and that this one is better than the caucasian ver. because of the facial highlights i.e. better flesh tones & more natural looking...

The caucasian's facial detailings are not that bad too....'cept that some commented that she looked a bit 'pale' (pardon the pun) in comparison with her cuban-american twin.....Both have rubberised torso that runs up right till their neck, hiding their abdominal crunch articulation point. (That's a resounding "Yes" to you perverts, the 'skin' covers their womanly chests too! :p)

Ahh...look who decided to drop by.....it's the DX01 Joker!

The Clown prince of crime making a statement!

Well, I'm pretty sure that in time, one of these ladies will end up as a 'zombie-killer' or some sort.....till I find the time to properly kitbash them, I guess they'll have to spend most of their days back in their plastic prison! LOL!

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-zuh@ili- said...

haha,i loike the last 3 pics tuh,hahahaaa

Rockaholic said...

Kitbashing time?? hehe.
Pilihan yg tepat bro. If nak cari nude figure, go for HT. Triad toys not recommended. Aku dah try beli dan hasilnya mmg SUXX!!