It's the AT-AT we're getting next!!! Star Wars fans rejoice!

When I first heard this from another blogger's page, I was saying to myself..."Nahh, that can't be true!". When I further heard that this 'rumoured' AT-AT was to be at an almost real scale (for the 3.75" figures that is) complete with a special 'hangar' to store Speederbikes....I went apes*** and began my frantic search for the truth.

According to Hasbro (as evident in their marketing presentation in the picture above), the planned AT-AT is supposedly going to feature lights, sounds, full leg articulation, chin guns, key phrases, a trap door and  much more. It is also supposed to come with a Speederbike and figure, which I'm guessing would be the AT-AT driver. So expect this piece of behemoth of a vehicle to be announced sometime over the next 6 months or so! Would be great if it comes out in the 1st half of '10 though! Head on to Jedi Temple Archives for the original announcement page.

While I didn't give a hoot about the large AT-TEs or the Turbo Tanks (both Clone Wars vehicles), I simply can't ignore the prospect of having this iconic Imperial land vehicle which had infiltrated the Rebels on Hoth in ESB! Yeah, I'm a sucka for them OT toys/vehicles. Now, the next important question is....HOW MUCH is it gonna cost? Please God, don't let it be as expensive as the Milleniun Falcon (which literally cost me my whole month's worth of lunch and miscellaneous expenses! LOL!).

The Rebel


saruman said...

This is what I've been waiting for, and looks like it's going to be fruitful!!! Yeah!

cowboy75 said...

perghhh..cant' hardly wait for this AT-AT !!!

darthmental said...

haha. nasib baik aku dah tutup buku vehiles OT. this one for sure will cost you guys a bomb! aku rasa harga sama ngan BMF atau lebih skit. so.. start saving la guys. kakaka. :P