New album from Jimi Hendrix...huh?!

It's true. When you have a bunch of unreleased materials left from the late 60s, sooner or later them record companies are gonna cash in. A new album is currently in the works made up of Jimi's unreleased studio material. How cool is that?!

That's not all. Given the success of The Beatles' remastered albums released late last year, somebody's bound to emulate the same formula too...inevitably. To mark Jimi Hendrix's 40th anniversary of his death, we're gonna get a remastered version for all of his albums, coincidently to be released on the same month The Beatles released theirs last year. This means that we're gonna get some pretty smooth recording quality like we've experienced from listening to the Beatles remastered CDs.

Nice.......bring on Sept '10!

The Rebel

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Shaun said...

Thanks for the news, always cool to discover 'unreleased studio material', especially from THE rock guitar icon. Won't be going for the studio albums though, as I'm not that big a fan.