What in blazes?! Chris Evans to play Cap?!!!

Yeah, yeah....I know it's just a matter of personal opinion. But I bet many devout Cap/Avengers' fans will concur when I say this....how the heck did The Human Torch get to play Steve Rogers? IMHO Marvel Studios didn't search hard enough for the perfect Steve Rogers. I mean, come on, Marvel did a good job of uncovering Chris Hemsworth, a relatively unknown Aussie actor to play the Norse God. So why can't they widen their search for more suitable candidates for Cap? No disrespect to Chris Evans....but this fan-boy doesn't think he's perfect for the role. Maybe it's due to reading too many Avengers-related titles over the years....*shucks*....I just can't picture Mr Evans in Cap's shoes!

'Nuff said.

Read the announcement here.

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Asrul "iLham" Sany said...

maybe he can suprise u like h. leadger did with Joker.


darthmental said...

he don't even close to it. what were marvel thinking anyway. and personally i don't like his human torch as well. like this aa.. red skull (hugo) gonna kick cap's ass for sure, haha. :P

Armand said...

I would have to agree with you Zakri. Marvel should have tried harder to hunt down a better Cap. When I heard the news i was shocked beyond belief that Chris Evans will be playing Cap. It was a long as debate who should be playing Cap. A few small time actors tried out for the part but eventually Evans got the role.

Im guessing this is due to the fact that they are just offering a small sum of $300,000 for the role. Oh well most people said he was good in Sunshine so im still keeping my comments about him for now. Ledger proved me wrong so I hope Evens will too.

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Dash MacBastard said...

God this news blows. I had some hope for this movie when it was leaked that Hugo Weaving would be playing The Red Skull, but now they pull this crap.
Poor Hugo. Once again he'll have his villainous ass handed to him by a lesser, pretty boy actor the same way he did in the Matrix movies.