Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Thursday, April 29, 2010

MOTU Classics acquisitions for April! Oh yeah!!!

This month's MOTU Classics figures were among two of the most anticipated figure ever from the line. Evil-Lyn was the main highlight during the online frenzy of April 19th and on the other hand, Hordak was made available once again for those who missed out early last year.


For me, I was a late starter into the line so naturally I was counting the days to Hordak's return! Magically (and definitely through divine intervention!) I got through matty's website without any hiccup and was out of the whole mess within 5 minutes. I wasn't gonna let my Trap Jaw episode repeat itself so I did everything I could to ensure that I "get in-put my desired figures into my cart-check out" within a record time! As expected, Evil-Lyn sold out within 10 minutes (not too bad considering Moss Man sold out way faster at 6-7 minutes if I can recall from last March's fiasco) so I'm thankful that I got mine.

Actual reviews on these figures to be done later.......till then, enjoy the pics.

Old snorthead


...and her 'personalized' white mailer box.

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darthmental said...

hordak looks totally badass. do review him please, hehe. :D

Little Plastic Man said...

Hey! Why do you always get yours so fast!

The Rebel said...

>>>mental....will do the review in due time my friend...just have to find time to do it...hehe...I'm currently engrossed with another 'unexpected' toy line... =p

>>>Adrian...I've been opting for the UPS method since last month's Stratos/Mossman....they arrived within 4-5 working days....talk about fast. The thing is I share my shipment with another buddy collector of mine....so the shipping cost was averaged between us.....didn't really feel the pinch though as the increase wasn't that much...but it's worth it man! Peace of mind too....u get to track ur shipment the moment they pass your package to UPS.