Ah, it's been a while (again!).....

Wow! It's been a good two weeks or so since I last posted my last entry. How time flies. I was pretty tied up with work and stuffs (who isn't anyway, hahhah).....but even those didn't stop me from being a geek and getting an array of pop culture items that I love oh-so-much! So here they are...in no order of preference (nor dates of purchase...coz I can't bloody remember any of those! LOL!).


Red Hulk TPB

I've been meaning to get the Red Hulk (or "Rulk" to most fans) TPB for quite some time now. I was intrigued by the hype of the series and how some fans swore that the Rulk saga was among the best storyline that came out under the Hulk's banner (pardon the pun....you know, Bruce "Banner"?.....I'm sure you did! heheh) in recent years. I finally caved in and bought Vol 1...even though I don't really fancy Ed McGuinness' art that much.

Punisher MAX

This TPB captures how The Punisher is supposed to be sans any of the 'bullshit-uchen' comic code censhorships. I've went through the first few pages and I must say.....WHOAAHH!!! No wonder this is highly recommended by most fans!

Y: The Last Man Deluxe Edition Book 3

What can I say.....I'm hooked to the series....so naturally I went for the 3rd book after going through such a great ride through volumes 1 & 2!

Avatar: Blu-ray & DVD combo

Who can resist a hot blu-ray release on amazon.com when it's only a dirt-cheap USD16?! As pictured, it is a blu-ray/DVD combo you're getting, which means that you'll get BOTH blu-ray and the DVD copy in one box. Now I gotta go and get a HD TV!

Spoils from the recent TRU's warehouse sale

I didn't plan to pick up anything from the recent TRU warehouse sale held near my place. But I got sucked into buying the RM10 (bout USD2.80) Heavy Duty figure and an original Hellboy II DVD for RM20 (bout USD6). So, I guess it was a pretty good day for me, having hauled items which cost next to nothing. Hehe...

That's bout all folks! Now excuse me while I decide which of the TPB to read first......*geekish grin*!!!

The Rebel


darthmental said...

wow! comic fever huh.. hehe. :D

The Rebel said...

I was a comic nut way before I got warped into becoming an action figure collector, mental.....so in a way, the 'fever' never left me...LOL!