Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May the FOURTH be with you....Happy Star Wars Day!!!

Technically it's already the 5th over here in most part of Asia today. But hey, it's still the 4th over at the States and I'm pre-tty sure our fellow geek-fans in Uncle Sam's land are celebrating it somehow. Nope, unfortunately they'd have to go to work.....it's still an unofficial holiday.....*bummer*. IMHO, if millions of people around the world congregate (albeit spiritually) and celebrate something in unison, that's good enough for governments around the world to declare a national holiday....right? LOL!

To further illustrate the celebration as practised by most SW geeks around the globe, an excerpt from wookiepedia:

"Typical festivities consist of inviting fellow Star Wars-obsessed friends to stay over, and then watching the series in succession. Lots of snacks, bring lightsabers and Star Wars-themed toys. Lightsaber fights in the early morning hours optional."

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darthmental said...

"dey wanna wonga". :D