Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Sunday, May 2, 2010

More 3.75" Marvel action figures for my display shelf.....

ARGGH! What have I gotten myself into? More of these superb 3.75" action figures have found their way to into my hands. Dare I say it, IMHO I think some of these Iron Man figures are even better than their 6" counterparts we've seen from the first Iron Man movie. Those 6" action figures if anybody could recall, were just endless repaints from the same basic Iron Man mould. But these current IM:2 action figures......every each of them have different armour sculpts and the paint work is quite amazing for such small figures!


The Vision, Black Spidey & the 'comic-series' version of War Machine

These War Machine figures were so hard to find over here in Malaysia until some collectors were led to believe that these were only a 'myth' and that none ever graced the shelves or even make it to retail stores. Truth is, we can all 'thank' the ever-present scalpers for making the War Machine such a highly sought after commodity in the collector market. I got mine courtesy of a fellow collector buddy who happened to bump into one while making his customary rounds through one retail store the other day.

When we talk about scalpers, the question is....how the heck did these 'vultures' know of the exact timing of each retail stores' decision to restock their display shelves? Inside job or pure luck? I had a 'mini' arguement with a fellow collector I bumped into while checking out a new TRU that had just opened near my place the other day and he 'subconsciously' defended these dreaded scalpers by saying that "They're just doing us a favour.....I'll be glad to pay extra for their service of getting the hard-to-find figures for me!". Could ya believe that? There are people who defend these 'vultures'.....*sigh*

I traded my 'spare' Red Skull for the Vision and paid peanuts for Black Spidey (decided that I want a black suit Spidey for my 3.75"s since I have several blue-red Spideys already for my 6" collection!).

Classic Iron Man

I finally gave in to my evils the other day and decided that I'd want a classic-looking Iron Man for my display. Had some cash vouchers which were converted from my reward card points....and the retail store concerned had some IM:2 figures on their shelves albeit a few. When I saw that they had several classic IM dangling on their shelf, the rest was history! LOL!

Mark I

Initially didn't want this but upon reading endless reviews of how the figure is supposedly 'better' than its 6" predecessor, I just had to have him! That's just me....the thrill of getting this hard-to-find action-figure at the last possible moments got to me! Heheh.....

'Movie-series' version of War Machine

This is yet another impossible to find action figure, made its way into my collection courtesy of the same buddy collector who got me the 'comic-series' War Machine. I only wanted the comic-series version but I was convinced that I'd need this too seeing that there's a massive difference in terms of their armour. I never was a devout War Machine fan but these action figures now made me wanna know more about the character and its back story. 

Mark V aka The Silver Centurion Iron Man

Together with Mrk I and the movie-War Machine, this 'love it or hate it' Mrk V was bought first by my collector buddy a couple of days ago. I came to accept his logic of getting all of the 'nice-looking ones' first before the Iron Man 2 opens up at the cinema. By then the kids would be clamouring the shelves and grab whatever 'Mark' left just to get a hold of an 'Iron Man' to capitalise on the movie frenzy. This particular figure represents Stark's 'suitcase armour' and definitely is one of the most memorable if not iconic moments from the movie. At the point of typing this, I had just witnessed this morning a full-shelf full of the movie-series War Machine and Mark V becoming 'half-empty' since being restocked late yesterday at a nearby TRU. I bet that most would be off the shelves give or take within a few days time.

So here's to hoping that upcoming 3.75" Whiplash, Hulkbuster IM etc would be equally impressive for us geeks to collect! Excelsior & make mine Marvel!!!!!

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Dash MacBastard said...

I'm likin' the Mark 1 and War Machine.

darthmental said...


gosh! you are now "unstopable", haha. :P

The Rebel said...

>>> Nicely said Dash!

>>> That I am, darthmental! :D