Hotwheel's Wonder Woman Invisible Jet!

For the record, this'll be the 2nd Wonder Woman-related entry from me within a short space of time. She seems to be getting a fair amount of attention lately. First it was the hullaballoo about her image fans can get their hands on the upcoming Invisible Jet from Hotwheels at the upcoming SDCC event.

From what I've heard, this started out as a joke when Mattel asked fans on what vehicle would they like to see next from the DC universe. The response was so positive that they proceeded to produce the item for real! It was hilarious to hear some fans' comments regarding the Invisible Jet. These two represents the best I've come across lately on Mattel's facebook page:
"That's not really an invisible jet, it's just a tray with strategically placed linings to make it look like there's ACTUALLY a toy jet inside!"

"What's the point of an invisible jet when we can still see HER inside it?" 
Hahah....make mine Marv....errr.....DC then!

The Rebel

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