Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Monday, August 23, 2010

Eaglemoss' Superhero Collection #1: Batman!!!

Thanks to blogger buddy cowboy75, I now know that the 'now-affordable' Eaglemoss Superhero Collection (DC characters) comic & figure pack is now available at most retailers and bookstores around KL. If any of you could recall properly, this is NOT something new as these had seen the light of day sometime early last year as most of the specialty toy stores in town had them on sale albeit at RM60 each! Well, for those not in the know, guess what? Issue #1 (Batman) is now just RM19.90 (approx USD6)! Issue #2 and beyond would cost us RM29.90, which is STILL a far cry than the original price of RM60 slapped on them last year.

If you ask me, not bad at all, considering that you'd get the character comic/magazine/profile PLUS the actual figure (more like statues to me!) itself! And I tell you, the hand painted lead-cast figure is considerably heavy for its size, so you'd know you're getting your money's worth here!

Those who subscribe will get to have 3 freebies namely the exclusive binder, figure stand & the unique Batman statue.

The magazine boasts 20 full color pages showcasing the character with their personal history, relatives, enemies, and love interests. As a bonus, the last two pages give us a detailed look into the history of the DC universe. To learn all about this section, you would need to collect all of the issues.

Here's mine out of the package....more pictures on this soon!

Every single figurine is individually numbered but trust me, you'd want to go through the lot of them to find the best paint among them all! Wouldn't want splotchy paintwork now do we?!

I just hope that eventually we'd also get a local release of the classic Marvel Figurine Collection soon. I've always wanted to get my hands on those since I first saw them last year but as I've mentioned earlier, back then, paying a good RM60 for such a tiny figure/statue didn't really bode well with my wallet! Well, till then, bring out the rest of the DC figurines!

Read more about Eaglemoss' DC releases here.

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cowboy75 said...

Hohohho..gud for u.!

Rafys78 said...

Mind you that there's 80 issue to complete.

So 79 x RM30 = ...well, you do the math.

Then again, you seem to get the whole characters from DC.

saruman said...

gonna get mine soon eheheh..

The Rebel said...

>>>cowboy75...we collectors have to stick together, especially to stand united to beat them scalpers! I doubt scalpers will buy these Eaglemoss stuffs though...heheh!

>>>Rafys78...Not every issue wld be RM30 bro, those larger figurines will cost even more! LOL! But then again, I don't plan to collect every single one....just the ones I know.

>>>Saruman....don't worry, it's all over town...at least for now. Better get it before month end!

Asrul "iLham" Sany said...

Just got mine, will collect all the DC figurines, as long as the price be under rm30. hohohoho

Rafys78 said...

Ever since I watched Justice League, I seem to know, if not all, most of 'em,
& I like 'em all!!!

Jason said...

can tell me where still can buy this?

The Rebel said...

>>>Asrul....you can do it!!! heheh...

>>>Rafys....usually that's the case lah...especially if u watch JLU (Justice League Unlimited)...the list of characters are endless!

>>>Hi Jason.....are u in KL? It's currently all over town bro....all major bookstores...even some of the newstands have it I think. Good luck in your hunt! =)

Jason said...

yes. i am from kl. will to hunt this 2 day. I found out there if subscribe
will get some free gift :)

Kin said...

Hi Rebel,

I think you miss out somethings here.

The Batmobile!!!.Where is it ???He..He..



Daniel Goh said...


I have stock from #1 to #10 selling for RM29 each! More to come as the supplier releases it to me.

If anyone interested drop me an email at ineedmcd@yahoo.com

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Still got? hahah