Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Return of The Jedi's Original Opening Scene On Blu-ray!

WOW!!!!!! What can I say? Didn't even know this scene existed let alone survive the gruelling editing way back in '83. Through a series of pictures posted on www.yakface.com, we geeks get to see the original opening scene intended for ROTJ where Luke is building his lightsaber somewhere in a cave on Tatooine with R2-D2 and C-3PO looking on. This was aired during the Celebration V event in Florida yesterday in conjunction with the announcement to release ALL 6 Star Wars film onto the blu-ray in Fall 2011! I'd say it's time for you to finally buy that blu-ray player/PS:3 peeps!

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Yakface.com, through their facebook page posted their comments:

"It starts with Vader walking down a corridor on his Star Destroyer, he enters his meditation chamber and calls out to Luke through the Force. The scene jumps to Luke in the cave hearing Vader while he's constructing his new lightsaber. Luke hears Vader's voice say "Luke" one last time then he ignites his saber. Very cool - Luke looks very dark."

Here are the full chronologically taken pictures off the short cut-scene clip:

However, the scene will not be incorporated seamlessly into the movie itself but will be part of the extras we'd get on the blu-ray. Can't wait for 2011!!!

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Kin said...

Hi Rebel,

Star Wars is every childrens & adult most envy , charisma & influence movie till present day.

"What A Scene".