(Unexpected) Marvel Universe haul!

L-R: Iron Patriot, Iron Spider Man & Winter Soldier

Now here's something really unexpected! Amidst all the Star Wars frenzy, my buddy the_ridz stumbled upon the new Marvel Universe wave at one of the retail stores in KL. This time, Hasbro got it right by packing more of the essential figures into one case (haha...no more running around to get that ONE-PER-CASE figure...hooray!) so technically he managed to get the above figures in 'twos' in one go....one of each for the both of us! The other figures released in the same case were Wrecker, Skrull Soldier and a very 'fugly' Mary Jane Watson...easy pass if ya' ask me! So far I've never seen any of these figures being sold at any other retail stores as of yet. This can only mean that....we've beaten them scalpers to these hard-to-get figures!!!! Hell yea!!!!

The Rebel


Rafys78 said...

They are all very cool toys/collectibles.

I feel as if I'll be missing the awesomeness of the Marvel line, but on the other hand I'll be saving up not collecting them.

saruman said...

oh yeah!

The Rebel said...

>>Rafys....you're right bro....once u dive in, it's gonna be hard to turn back! Heheh...to me, I'm really into all these comic-characters.....so I go nuts everytime Hasblow announces new waves!