Haul & Acquisitions: Early Sept '10 el purchaso!!!

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Welcome to the inaugural edition of "Haul & Acquisitions"! Well if you ask me, I've been purchasing steadily for the past 10-12 years or so, of course this ain't my maiden purchase...hahah. So why now and what's the deal and fuss all about then? First of all, notice that now there will be a banner everytime a latest entry on 'H&A' is posted. Secondly, we wish to commemorate the official 'induction' of our resident reviewer, the _ridz into The Rebel Page's roster of personnel. Some would instantly recognize that the word 'we/our' is now used instead of the usual 'I/my'. Why you might ask? That is because The Rebel Page will no longer be a single individual's effort and will now be a collaborative effort between a number of people, prominently spearheaded by The Rebel himself and the ever-geeky collector extraordinaire, the_ridz!

Anyway, let us now take a look at this week's spoils of war!

First we take a look at the_ridz's catch for the weekend.....and boy what a catch he has made!  From Wave 2 of the excellent Pursuit of Cobra (POC) GI Joe line comes Recondo, Dusty, Jungle Viper and Zartan. Now if you've been following the recent developments and criticisms of the new POC line, you'd soon recall that this new line offers some seriously cool-looking action figures blessed with a handful of accessories each. Hasbro has done a wonderful job in revamping/rebooting these classic characters and I must say, their packaging is a real top notch too. Next comes the 'basic JEEP' for the GI Joes....VAMP! Personally I can't wait for his review of this vehicle. From the box itself we can already notice that the vehicle has had its fair share of upgrades since it was first introduced in the early 80s cartoon series.

For the record, the new Star Wars VOTC Wave 2 action figures has yet to hit TRU or any of the retail stores in KL yet, but the_ridz as usual, has managed to source out some of the new releases from a specialty store in KL. Here you can see his rather modest haul of Commander Cody (love that vintage packaging!), Boba Fett (yeah sure, it's a Wave 1 figure BUT it's a foil-embossed packaging this time around!) and the 'Hostage Crisis' boxset from the Clone Wars line. Expect reviews of these to come very soon!

From the 6" line, the_ridz managed to get his grubby hands on the Movie Series Mark V and Mark IV. Just look at the Mark IV figure, complete with the interchangeable head of Tony Stark! Word has it that the only thing missing is the 'doughnut box' from the opening scene of IM:2....what a shame! While Hasbro has been lacking in the Marvel Legends line, these 6" IM figures will surely quench the thirst of those yearning for good ol' 6-incher figures from the Marvel line. Let's see if they can come up with equally good 6" figures of Sam Jackson, ScarJo and Mick Rourke next!

These however, errr, represents The Rebel's rather humble haul for early Sept '10. As you can see, these are already included in the_ridz's list of haul above.

To cap it all off, all of the cool toys above were acquired at a slightly lower price aka wee bit cheaper than the anticipated retail price (if they ever appear at all through retail stores that is!). Expect these to be swept off the shelves when they eventually gets released to the mass market soon!

Till then.....excelsior!

The Rebel

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Stephen said...

I love that vintage packaging on the SW figures. Really takes me back to the old days as a kid trying to collect them all. The Joe's look good too, and damn if i'm trying to resist getting a few myself now :p Nice hauls for both of you!