Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Eaglemoss: DC Superhero lead figurines!

Yeah, yeah...I know it's probably old news to most of you. As I had mentioned before, initially these lead figurines had seen the light of day in early '09....back when we Malaysian collectors had to fork out almost USD15-16 bucks to get ONE of these....and mind you, it was only available at specialty toy stores, which made it rather 'exclusive' and sorta' hard to find.....sorta. Well, now these are available almost everywhere in town. Heck, I've even seen it being sold at a newspaper kiosk last week. The best part of it all...they're now just USD8 bucks each. But the issue remained the same with these lead figurines/statues.....you gotta find the best lookin' one or risk being stuck with one which has poorly applied paint!

So far, we've only seen the release of three figurines (yeah, they're officially listed as 'figurines' rather than 'statues', so we'd best stick to that terminology' for consistency sake!), starting with Batman (#1), Superman (#2) and The Joker (#3). I had my doubts before I bought Batman, having put in mind that at some point the sloppy paint job was gonna deter my mood to continue collecting these figurines, but I found out that all you need is just some patience to choose the best lookin' figurines from the lot. For the record, thus far I've been buying these figurines from a well-known local Malaysian chain of bookstore but a rather unpleasant experience might just sway my wife and I from buying these Eaglemoss figurines from them again.

First of all, we were rather cheesed off that some of their staffs can't even tell the differences between Superman and The Joker. My wife and I had a minor arguement with one of their so-called supervisors when she insisted that the Joker's issue wasn't out yet when clearly their other outlets already had it! The Joker issues were in fact, being piled underneath the Supes issues tucked UNDERNEATH their display area, away from their customers' eyes. When asked on why the Joker issues weren't displayed, she replied that "There were already some on display." But those were Superman issues fer God's sake! Can't ya tell between red/blue and purple?!

Secondly, the counter staff was too freakin' lazy to check for the figurines that came with the issue. You see, my wife and I made our way to their checkout counter about 10 minutes before closing time. So naturally some idiot employees of the establishments were already raring to go home and this particular person simply shrugged her shoulder off when asked about the Joker figurine that came with the issue. That was it for us then. The bookstore will never get our business again as far as the Eaglemoss  figurines are concerned.

Hahah...enough of my rants, here's The Joker for your viewing pleasure....in case you haven't seen it before:

#3: The Joker

#3: The Joker

#3: The Joker

#3: The Joker

#3: The Joker

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Asrul "iLham" Sany said...

i had my share with annoying sellers, but i can be quite a bitch when it comes on buying toys if they're not nice. hahahhaa. love your pictures dude

Kin said...

Hi Rebel,

I'm keen to find whether is a book or a miixture of hero figure inside this interesting cover ?

Hope you will reveal it soon.


http://superherolegacy.com said...

Joker looks kinda shiny, but decent besides that. That's quite the price for a figurine/statue.

The Rebel said...

>>>Asrul.....thks dude.

>>>>Kin.....every issue will reveal a different character altogether....I'm off to get my Green Lantern tomorrow.... =)

>>>Superherolegacy......yeah, they're kinda shiny, gloss and all...I don't think we'd get a matte finish on any of these figurines! Hehe...

Legacy said...

I saw in amcorp mall they are already selling up to #10 Raz Al Ghul

Also slightly cheaper then retail @ RM29 each.

Got mine on a Saturday, really friendly chinese guy selling. Maybe you should check it out?

Great price / great service and also found that the condition of the figures was better then most bookstores!! Unlike your abovementioned experience.