Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Friday, March 18, 2011

First look on Wonder Woman from the upcoming TV series!

Here's a first look on Adrienne Palicki (who? I only know that she's a regular in that Friday Night Lights series or sumthin') as Wonder Woman from the upcoming NBC TV series. Of course fans are having mixed reactions to this new image. It's kinda like a hybrid between the classic costume and the new image given by DC comics to Wonder Woman last July. Her boots are glaringly wrong though.....aren't those supposed to be red in colour? And the 'star-spangled' bikini-shorts are gone, replaced by a more TV-appropriate blue spandex-pants (hey didn't Lynda Carter wear those in the 70s TV series?). Will this new series top The Walking Dead? Only time will tell. Let's wait and see. Honestly, I think the costume looks okay....at least it doesn't look cheap and too plasticky (ala movie Thor!).

This opens up for an action-figure line in the future I reckon?

Your thoughts?

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darthmental said...

err.. not amazon enough kot? :P